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I’m Planning to Divorce My Wife But I Don’t Want to Pay Her Debt. – James

“Dear Steve,

I am stationed in South Carolina and my wife is moving back to California at the end of summer with the kids. We are getting a divorce at some point down the road.

My main question is about me being responsible for her debts. We have really maintained seperate debts by keeping things in our own names.

I recently took out a signature loan to pay off all my credit cards. My car is paid off and the only debt I have is the signature loan $300 a month. My wife has all kinds of debt, school loan (incurred before we met), credit cards, car (very upside down which she bought while I was out of state for training without talking to me), and possibly more.

I took the loan out in my name alone without telling her to pay off my debts. I have about $1000 in the bank left over for moving expenses at the end of the summer. My income just barely covers the bills, while giving her $700 a month for her bills alone, she also gets $350 from her ex.

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Bottom line is am I responsible for her debt?


Dear James,

You are not responsible for debts in her name alone. However, I see that you didn’t mention the child support that you have to probably pay to her for the kids, if they are yours. Just be aware of this so you don’t get caught with your wallet down.

I assume you are in the military from what you’ve said. Thank you for your service.

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