I Live on a Fixed Income and Owe $52,000 in Medical Bills on Credit Cards – Patricia


“Dear Steve,

I owe unsecured dept in the amount of 52,000.00. These are mostly medical bills applied to credit cards. I live on a fixed income and would like to know if there is some government grant that is free. I would really like to get out from under this debt as I do not have enough money left to feed myself each month. I am 63 yrs old

Thank you.



Dear Patricia,

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Medical bills are the cause or a major contributing factor in 66% of bankruptcy cases. Your situation is very classic of those that fall into bankruptcy as a result of medical bills.

I think you’d agree with me that something is going to have to change here. Either you will have to find some way to repay the debt or you will have to eliminate the debt with bankruptcy. Any middle ground is going to leave you pursued by collectors when the day comes that you can’t pay.

It is grossly unfair that you have found yourself sinking from medical bills but it is what it is. This situation does not make you a bad person, just one of the millions suffering from a health care system that is painfully broken. While the debate rages about the need for medical care reform, there is no doubt that the lack of access to affordable medical care is a tragedy that you and others should not have to face.

Based on what you have shared, while there are some that would suggest solutions like not paying your credit cards and let them chase you for it, I submit that approach is emotionally stressing and does not improve the quality of your life or your outlook for a better day tomorrow.

My suggestion is that you need to go and meet with a local bankruptcy attorney. You can find a local bankruptcy lawyer through the link or you can see if you are eligible for free bankruptcy assistance in your state.

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And by the way, there is no government grant to rescue you from this situation.

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