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I’m On a Fixed Income. What is the Best Way to Deal With My Debt?


Question: Dear Steve, I am an 80 yr old retired man on a fixed income. Previously I owed credit debt of about 17000 but took some savings and reduced it to about 11500. My credit score is about 780.I am getting letters from settlement companies and wonder if I should settle this debt with chase for a lesser amount.One negative ... Read More »

    Retired Couple Takes Out Loans With Payments Twice Their Income

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    “Dear Steve, My wife and I are retired with a fixed income of just under $3000 a month. Over the last few months, we’ve had to take out loans at several, high interest businesses. Now, our payments are twice our income. We have a small place, (mobile home and storage bldgs.) valued at about $20,000, which is free and clear. ... Read More »

      Accredited Debt Relief Says I Will Need to Default on My Debt. I’m On a Fixed Income. – Vicki

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      “Dear Steve, I’m living on a limited income. Social Security $1060. and a small pension of $160. I lost my Long Term Disabiltiy when I turned 66 which was $549 so I lost a lot of money. I have a credit card with Wells Fargo that use to be 11% until they received the money from the government. Then my ... Read More »

        My Mother is on a Fixed Income But Has $87K of Credit Card Debt. – Christopher

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        “Dear Steve, I have 2 situations: 1) 51 year old male, am unemployed, have approx $45K in debt 2) mom, 72 years old, $87K worth of CC debt, fixed income, playing interest every month, but getting no where. I was actually wondering if you recommend the various services that advertise on your website, or if you have a list of ... Read More »

          My Partner Just Filed for Bankruptcy to Discharge His Debt. – Norman

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          “Dear Steve, I read most of the questions posed to you by others and most apply to me. I have a 38K unsecured debt plus personal loans (one of which is my sister’s credit card10k). My partner just filed for bankruptcy to discharge his debt but keep our mortgages (to keep the home) and car (its in both our names). ... Read More »

            How Can I Repay My Credit Card Debt When I Have a Fixed income? – Gary

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            “Dear Steve, I owe about $8000 in credit card debt. I am on fixed income of about $750 a month and I have $350 a month I pay towards a mortgage plus utilities. My monthly credit card payment is about $140 out of which most is for interest. How do I go about clearing this debt as right now as ... Read More »

              My Husband Got Hurt. We Can’t Do Any Balance Transfers. – Jean

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              “Dear Steve, My husband got hurt which now is on a fixed income and i make 10.00/hr with 40 hour weeks. We have the usual bills. We have 20,000+ worth of debt on our credit cards combined. I cannot do any balance transfers because they say that my debt is to high, what can i do? Is there any help ... Read More »

                I Live on a Fixed Income and Owe $52,000 in Medical Bills on Credit Cards – Patricia

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                Patricia “Dear Steve, I owe unsecured dept in the amount of 52,000.00. These are mostly medical bills applied to credit cards. I live on a fixed income and would like to know if there is some government grant that is free. I would really like to get out from under this debt as I do not have enough money left ... Read More »

                  Crystal is on a Fixed Income But Wants to Get Her Credit Cards Paid

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                  “Dear Steve, I am currently on fixed income of about $657 amonth. My income comes from SSI and Social Security disability. I have a couple school loans and several past medical and credit card bills that I want to get paid off. Tell me what I can do to get my credit cards and all my other bills completely paid ... Read More »

                    David Writes In “I’m About To Lose My House”

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                    David wrote to me at GetOutOfDebt.org and asked me for help with his debt situation. If you have a question, you can ask me for free help and advice also. “Dear Steve, I accepted a job in Seattle. My wife and family and home are still in Idaho. My wife is on a fixed income, and we have been hanging ... Read More »

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