The Collection Company Says My Income Counts in Repayment Even Though I Am Not On the Credit Card. – Kim


“Dear Steve,

My husband hasn’t worked a full pay period in months and therefore one if his credit cards went to collection. I am not on that card as a signer nor did my income get used for securing that card, however the debt collection company is telling him that my income is included and therefore I can pay it off. I don’t have the money to pay it off either and they aren’t working with him on a reasonable payment plan. They tell him the payments that are now more than doubled include legal fees.

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Can they legally include my income in consideration of paying off his debt if I am not on the card at all?


Dear Kim,

They can make any old claim they want. Making the claim does not make it so. I am at a loss to see how you would be responsible for his card unless you were an authorized user on the account. Even still that is a hard case to make. But if you were an authorized user you want to make sure that you contact the credit card company and have you removed from the account to prevent the negative status of the account from showing up on your credit report.

I would suggest that you call the original creditor and confirm that you either not on the account or only an authorized user.

If the collector continues to pursue there claims I would suggest you see a local attorney to represent you and contact the collection company.

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