I Signed Up With Debt Settlement Company Debt Relief USA. They’ve Done Nothing. – Vicki


“Dear Steve,

I signed up with a company by the name of Debt Relief USA, July 7, 2008. Their address is 16200 Addison Rd, Ste 105, Addison, TX 75001. They have not done anything to help me with my debt as they promised. I have recently found several articles on the Internet about complaints from other clients and that they have filed bankruptcy.

I live in Missouri and their are several complaints with The Missouri Attorney Generals Office. I am filing a complaint with them as well.

Is there any possible way to get my money back? They owe me almost $4,000.

If you can help or give me advice, I would appreciate it.


Dear Vicki,

The other day I posted Debt Settlement Company Debt Relief USA Files Bankruptcy. I’m afraid the news might not be so good on the refund front. I would suspect that you are now an unsecured creditor to Debt Relief USA and shortly you will receive a form to fill out to put a claim in for the money owed to unsecured creditors.

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I suspect that the secured claims against the company constitute a large percentage of the assets they have on hand. This means that you and other unsecured creditors will probably get back a percentage of cash you have paid to Debt Relief USA to date.

If you want any information about refunds or the process you should contact the Debt Relief USA bankruptcy attorney:

Gary Armstrong
Armstrong & Alford
5646 Milton St
Suite 711
Dallas, TX 75206

Fax 214-853-5323

Big Hug!

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