I’m Behind in My Mortgage and Car Payments. I Can’t Get Caught Up. – Dan

“Dear Steve,

I am one month behind on mortgage. two months behind on two car payments. and am falling behind on other payments. I make enough money to pay my bills per month now but not enough to catch up. If I could just start over. I cant lose my home or my vehicles. Im scared and emarrased!!! My credit is bad. Will I lose everything or is there a program that can assist me on getting a clean start. I just need a chance.

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Is there any hope for me in my situation or am going to lose everything? I had some last minute problems that drained my account. Please advise.


Dear Dan,

The situation sucks but there is a solution. You need to go see a local bankruptcy lawyer and talk about a possible chapter 13 bankruptcy. It will stop collection action, you won’t lose anything, it will allow you to get caught up and let you keep your home and car.

I think that is the most expedient solution based on what you’ve shared that will give you the most legal protection and let you regroup with a fresh start.

I know the situation feels really bad and is personally embarrassing. I lived through it myself. I also know you probably feel like a loser, you’re depressed and stressed. But this is a technical problem about dollars and cents and not a public personal reflection of the man you are. Implement the solution and move forward.

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