My Hubby and I Just Filed for Bankruptcy and I’m Scared. – Maria

“Dear Steve,

My hubby and I just filed for bankruptcy and waiting our court date. Im nervous the judge can dismiss our case, but out lawyer says i have nothing to fear. We dont own a home or anything of value except two cars that we are Re-affirming since we’;v never missed those payments.. My husband has been laid off for 19 months (the age of our lil boy) and I was laid off for 6 months til I found another job.. so yes times are tough.. but Im wondering.. I filed so now what?? What happens to our already Low Credit Score ? does it become zero?? and I heard somewhere long time ago that banks are more willing to loan out a mortage to just filed ppl? is this true bc the likeness of foreclosing or filing to bankruptcy wont happen for another 7 years IF possible??.. I feell lost in the aspect that i dont know where to go from here (after court)..All i know is that I’m never using a credit card ever again

I filed for bankruptcy.. where do i go from there? What does it affect?? I dont want a credit card. But we would like to get a house in the next year or two…Please help? Need of Guidance!!


Dear Maria,

This is easy for me to say but seriously, relax. Your attorney would not have filed your case if he didn’t think it would be approved.

At this point you are just another cog in a big wheel that will roll through the system. You become nothing more than yet another case number in the system. The people working for your lawyer and the bankruptcy court could actually care less about making any sort of personal judgment about you, they’re too damn busy to worry about that.

If you were behind on your credit before filing, ironically bankruptcy usually increases your credit score. All those old open collection accounts get closed and from this point forward your score can only go up and get better.

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But the one statement that you made that concerned me the most was when you said you will never use a credit card again. I felt the same way when I went bankrupt but the crazy thing is that is the worst thing you can do. I know, completely nuts isn’t it!

You see, without some resumption of credit activity your credit report ends on a downbeat. We need to help it recover and raise your credit score so you can get a house but the only way to increase your credit score back to the good range is to use credit wisely and have it reported by the bank to the credit bureau.

You can do this without worry if you use a secured credit card that reports to the credit bureau. Your credit line will be equal to your deposit held by the bank so you don’t have to worry about getting in debt again. If something happened your deposit would pay off the balance.

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See also  I Am Bankrupt What Do I Do Now? - Mary

2 thoughts on “My Hubby and I Just Filed for Bankruptcy and I’m Scared. – Maria”

  1. Bankruptcy is not something that you do on the spur of the moment, but rather it should be a well thought out plan that you only implement when you have exhausted all other possibilities. While bankruptcy may provide a way out of your current financial situation, you need to consider and be aware that the ramifications of filing bankruptcy are going to haunt you for the next 7 to 10 years. Many people who file bankruptcy are doing so to make things better “now” but they are not looking years down the road, and when they do and wish they had considered other options, it is then too late.

  2. There is now a new law for bankruptcy that was passed called the “Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act”. People struggling to pay their credit debts are now going to have to deal with this new bankruptcy law.


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