How to Deal With Payday Loans After Bankruptcy

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I’m Not Willing to Go Bankrupt Because of the Disadvantages. – Lisa

“Dear Steve, I was divorced last year and now have a $4000 apartment debt that we incured soley on me. I have a repo’d car $20,000 and an accident bills looming over my head($10,000). So I have about $35,000 in debt how do I A: pay it off, and B: Rebuild my credit? Bankruptcy is … Read more

My Hubby and I Just Filed for Bankruptcy and I’m Scared. – Maria

“Dear Steve, My hubby and I just filed for bankruptcy and waiting our court date. Im nervous the judge can dismiss our case, but out lawyer says i have nothing to fear. We dont own a home or anything of value except two cars that we are Re-affirming since we’;v never missed those payments.. My … Read more

I Filed Bankruptcy and Now Need to Get My Student Loans and Credit Score Rehabilitated. – David

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I Went Bankrupt and My Financial Situation Has Taken a Turn for the Better – Roger

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