As Medical Costs Rise, More People to Charge Medical Care

When doctors first began accepting credit cards for payment years ago, patients were shocked. The impression was that the doctor was just in it for the money. Then a few years latter some medical offices began to offer credit company backed financing for larger medical procedures, again patients were shocked. This trend was lead by GE Money and their CareCard and Citibank.

Doctors are medical care providers but they are also their own little small businesses as well. Unless a physician works for an entity that doesn’t give a damn about income, then that physician is going to be responsible to themselves or a parent corporation to make sure they are bringing in a lot more money than the doctor costs.

I know you’d like to think about your doctor as that friendly local professional that cares for the community no matter what. Well I hate to burst your bubble but in these days of declining insurance reimbursements and increasing administrative expenses, maximizing income for the small town Main Street doc is just as important as it is for the hospital based physician.

But patient beware. It is estimated that over 60% of bankruptcies can be traced back to medical expenses and if you find it necessary to pull out the plastic to pay for your next medical office visit you can’t afford, you might just be infecting yourself with terminal debt that can only be treated with bankruptcy.


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