I Found Out About the Situation With Allegro Law After Calls From My Creditors. – Maria

“Dear Steve,

I only found out about the situation with Allegro after receiving numerous phone calls from creditors that my payments were past due. Since I am a week away from having another payment debited from my checking account, I quickly called Allegro. I was informed that my previous payment was “frozen” (no payments made to my creditors) and also that “no other money would be debited from my checking account” until this matter was resolved.

The people answering the phones are not employees of Allegro or affiliated in any way with the receivership party(ies), so I was told, and they cannot offer any other information. I asked why we hadn’t been contacted and was bluntly told that the court did not order Allegro to do so and we may not receive any notification for months!

I have since put a “no pay” for this debit on my checking account while I am in the process of closing it and opening a new one. I have decided to call each of my creditors and try to work something out with them. I figure that since I already had this amount figured in my monthly budget that I will continue to put that amount aside each month and pay each of my creditors, explaining the situation hoping they will be willing to work with me until this whole matter is resolved and we get back on track with the new company…or I research a more reliable settlement company…OR just maybe I will be able to continue this arrangement on my own with my creditors in light of what has happened. I’m certainly willing to try, and I can pay MYSELF the $59.00 a month Allegro was charging me to do the work!

My only question here is, “WHO CAN YOU TRUST ANYMORE”???


Dear Maria,

There is no doubt about it. This is a complete mess that Allegro Law has created that will impact its 15,000 clients. As far as who can you trust, I know you can trust me, but to be honest, I am not sure when it comes to intervention services, who you can trust. Most are flawed since they don’t carry the weight of law behind them, even consumer credit counseling service or debt management dubiously claims to represent the best interests of consumers.

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My guess is that we’ve yet to see the full mess created by Allegro Law and their debt settlement and debt management services they were not licensed to deliver.

I think you are on the right track with your solution. Contact the creditors and make the payments directly. That is the best solution at this point.

I have talked to the court appointed receiver and he assures me that a dedicated website and telephone number are coming from him very soon.

I’m curious, can you call that Allegro Law number back and ask them if the people answering the phone are working for a company called Americorp? Americaorp is the underlying service provider of the Allegro Law debt settlement services but I was not aware that they may also be servicing the debt management clients as well.

I’m going to lock the comments on this post. I’m trying to keep all the new comments and updates on this one Allegro law story.

If you make that customer service call for me, can you please update me here?


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