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I’m Thinking of Killing Myself Because of My Gambling and Debt. – Christie


“Dear Steve,

I’m a 28 year old casual worker in melbourne australia, i owe debts to the value of 13 and a half thousand dollars, i owe this over 6 creditors like i said i only work casual so how am i supposed to pay someone off when the others are hounding me and payment plans arnt an option, because they are asking to me for to much money i would love to consolidate my debt into one but i dont think anyone would help me i dont own any assets so they cant take anything from me.

However i admit that i am a problem gambler have been for over 6 years i work at gaming venue to that doesn’t help, what can i do i really want to try to avoid bankruptcy or even a part 9 debt agreement but what am i supposed to do i am desperate, i know my gambling has to stop but even then how can i pay of my creditors when there are six altogether and i only make 300 a weeek and each of my creditors want at least 100 dollars a week , i have been so suicidal of late and so depressed i cant remember the last time i got a good night sleep. Please get back asap I need help before something i do to my self really is bad.


Dear Christie,

From an outside point of view this looks like less of a life or death situation. Yes, I fully appreciate that its an easy thing to say, but remember I lived through horrible debt myself and I remember those dark days.

Let’s logically look at your situation in Australia. Debt does not kill people. People kill themselves over the debt. Your debt doesn’t give a damn if you off yourself or not. It makes no judgment about you and it could care less.

The underlying issue here is that you are a gambling addict and working at a casino or gambling venue.

I see the overwhelming priority of your situation not to be the debt, but the gambling. Honestly, how successful is a smoker going to be to quit if they are also working in a tobacco store where people smoke?

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Before you even start to deal with the debt I think you should just accept that the debt situation is not going to end well and set that aside. Then, get yourself to a local gamblers anonymous meeting or some other counseling or assistance for gambling addiction. Unless you start to address that, it is most likely that you will reoffend if you just focused on the debt. And why is that? Just think about what you do to distract yourself, relieve stress, or feel better. Gambling, right? Your debt will continue to be stressful and you will be drawn back to gambling.

Christie, gamblers anonymous will help to save your life. You desperately need a twelve step program. You need to turn the debt over to your higher power and get yourself adjusted first. After you do that, then we can go back and make amends and deal with the debt situation.

Don’t make me fly to Australia from the U.S. just to kick your ass to get your priorities straight here. I care about you, I don’t want you to kill yourself and I’m sure I’m not alone in this wish.

Go to gamblers anonymous and then report back to me in the comment section about your progress.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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