Gambling Has Ruined My Life. I Don’t Know What to Do With My Debt?

Question: Dear Steve, I just got separated from active duty, but I gambled through the funds I earned through that time (April 2021-August 2021), so I basically have nothing $8,000 in owed on Credit Card Nearly $8,000 for an auto loan Can’t afford car insurance Personal loans ( 2) both in the amount of $2,000 … Read more

My Bipolar Disorder Led Me to Get In Debt With Gambling

Question: Dear Steve, Same one you’ve been asked 450 times already. Bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder.. Finally got credit after 30 years. Ran the cards up to the max. I was also taking a medication known for inspiring people to gamble, etc. Seems like a double whammy to me. The minimum payments keep … Read more

Gambler Debt Soaring to Crazy Heights and Climbing. Blamed on a Hopeless Economy.

In Wisconsin a gambling addiction hotline has seen a substantial increase in the amount of debt gamblers are carrying. The average reported gambling debt in 2011 was more than $157,000, a huge increase over the average debt in 2010. The Executive of the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling said that more people are maxing-out credit … Read more

Absolute Poker Payment Processor Pleads Guilty To Fraud

Brent Beckley, the director of payment processing for Absolute Poker, pled guilty this month in Manhattan federal court to conspiracy to engage in unlawful internet gambling and conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud, in connection with a scheme to deceive U.S. banks and financial institutions, using them to process tens of millions of … Read more

Another MetLife Employee Strikes Again!

Just a few days ago I reported on how former MetLife employee, Mark Edward Salyer of Tennessee, was responsible for the investment fraud scheme to the tune of $6 million between June of 2005 until June of 2007. Three days later, on October 6, 2011, Pensylvannia resident John Wosotowsky pleaded guilty to two counts (mail … Read more

Gambling Financial Problems Led to My Bankruptcy. – Lola

“Dear Steve, Had a gambling problem and ruined my financial situation. Filed for bankruptucy chapter 13 and half my paycheck goes to that through wage garnishmetn but I did not quit gambling. I then took out several online payday loans and kept gambling and then could not pay them. The bank closed my account for … Read more

I Was Buying Stocks Using Credit Cards And Now I Can’y Pay My Bills. – Delano

“Dear Steve, we got real good money situation back than. it started when i start buying stocks using credit cards. i mean a lot of credit cards. that day, i believe the stocks will boom. and soon… the stocks tumbling down. and now, i can’t pay the credit plus the interest. since i can’t pay … Read more

I Have Borrowed Money From Some Very Bad People. I Am a Problem Gambler. – Robert

“Dear Steve, Its really difficult for me to express myself as it is very painful even thinking about this, but I will do my best. First of all I am a problem gambler and have been for the last 5 years. I currently have 3 bank accounts with overdrafts of about $6.000. I also have … Read more