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I Had to Flee the UK. Will I Be Arrested For Debts When I Fly Back In? – Ann

“Dear Steve,

I had to flee the uk for me and my kids safety , i had lots of debts and credit cards . now im in another country , im scared , my mother is severly ill and i need to try and get back to the UK , i havent paid any of my debt from last august . i had a forwarding address and my friend has called and said 2 debt letters have arrived for me . . thanks im so worried

Can my friend be blacklisted? and will i be arrested when i fly back in2 the uk . im so worried any help is greatly appreciated


Dear Ann,

No worries. When you return you’ll stand in the long line at border control for UK passport holders, You’ll flash your passport and in you go. The only thing those folks are concerned about is that you’ve got a valid passport.

Your friend will not be backlisted.

I would suggest that you assume responsibility for these debts and petition for bankruptcy. You can even do this from outside the UK. Click here for help.


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  • Hi I have 1500 pounds debt in Council Tax, but not recieved any court letters or anything. Will I be arrested at the airport? I have got to fly to Poland for few days

  • hi Steve , thanks for that quick reply . i have been severly worried . some internet sites say you can be arrested there .i shall look into being bankrupt , will that affect my new house though? as i now privately rent . many thanks your help has been greatly appreciated

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