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“Dear Steve,

My boyfriend has signed up with a BBB Accredited debt management company and only receives a statement showing how much they have deducted from his account at the end of the month. His creditors are upset that he is not communicating with them and the reason for that is because the debt management service (CareOne) told him not too.

Can he legally demand an itemized statement from CareOne to prove how much is being sent to each creditor and when and how (electronically vs. check number)?


Dear Cassandra,

CareOne provides account servicing for underlying credit counseling groups. My understanding is that they are more of a marketing group to underlying service providers than a debt management company themselves. But a review of their site only lists two service providers.

Corporate Information
CareOne Credit Counseling c/o 3C Incorporated
8930 Stanford Boulevard
Columbia, MD 21045
Phone: 410-910-1735
Toll-free: 1-800-284-1596

Here is the corporate description of Care One Services.

CareOne Services Inc., formerly The Freedom Point, was formed in 2002 to provide consumers with multiple solutions to complex money problems. CareOne Services Inc. boasts a unique Financial Fitness Center that examines each consumer’s individual financial situation and develops a personalized solution to help the consumer get out of debt and strengthen his or her financial footing. CareOne Services Inc. identifies, develops and markets products for highly leveraged consumers. Source

Here is the corporate description of 3C Incorporated.

3C Incorporated is a company that owns the CareOne Credit Counseling service mark. Credit counseling agencies and financial fitness agencies that bear the CareOne Credit Counseling service mark are industry leaders committed to providing consumers with superior service. Organizations offering the CareOne brand of customer service and financial education adhere to strict standards designed to ensure that every consumer is treated with compassion and understanding. These agencies provide patient, personalized financial counseling and education to every client who seeks assistance, including an individualized assessment of the client’s financial situation in order to identify and help implement the best alternative to address his or her needs. Source

So I’m not all that certain who might be servicing his account.

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What I do know for certain is that he deserves to have real time and online access to check on the status of his account and payments made. The CareOne site has a page that might provide this information. Click here to register.

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Transparency and communication are keys to a smooth relationship with your debt management or credit counseling group. If your boyfriend is not getting monthly statements still from his creditor he might want to use the automated phone systems with the creditors to check on payments.

His creditors are still his creditors. If the creditors are unhappy about something with his plan or a lack of communication, this may not work out well.

My suggestion, have him pick up the phone, call all his creditors, ask them if everything looks setup correctly on his account. If he hears that there are problems, he should immediately contact his CareOne coach or whatever and ask for help, answers and clarification.

A good counseling agency wants to help people resolve problems, not prolong them.

When I ran a debt management company I made certain that clients could login, check the status of each payment, see date and time it had been sent electronically or track the package if a check was sent. What you are asking for is easily possible to provide.

Let me know how this goes and give me some feedback on the CareOne response.

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