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Allegro Law Debt Management Clients. Important Information to Get Better Service.

I’m reposting information that I had posted as a comment on the article about the Allegro Law debt settlement mess.

I wanted to make sure that people who were Allegro Law debt management clients saw this important information.

Attention All Allegro Debt Management Clients

I have made special arrangements for you with Cambridge Credit Counseling to transfer your accounts to and to receive exceptional customer service. I got you a dedicated counselor and I have spoken to her and filled her in on the whole Allegro mess. Her name is Tinamarie Cangemi and her direct number is toll-free 888-850-9432.

While you are more than welcome to terminate your debt management program with Allegro and switch to any provider, I suggest that you call Tinamarie for help in switching to them. She already has a process for an orderly transfer of accounts and I will be in touch with her if she needs any help with the whole Allegro Law mess.

If you are getting less than satisfactory customer service from Allegro Law’s underlying service provider, AmeriCorp, you are waiting on hold for long periods of time for help or you are not getting access to your account information, I suggest that you consider transferring your debt management account to Tinamarie at Cambridge Credit Counseling to get the level of care and service you expect. She is on the East Coast in Massachusetts so be aware that she is probably easiest to reach 9-5 ET.

If you have any issue with or praise for Tinamarie, I want to to let me know immediately in the comments here.

Just for history, Cambridge Credit Counseling had some issues many years ago that you might find on the web. The old management was removed and a new dedicated team of professionals has worked very hard to build a strong debt management company. Give them a chance. You deserve better service than you are getting with Allegro Law and AmeriCorp right now. Source

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  • Thanks for the excellent advice Steve! You have ruined me. I did the switch and they lied to me saying this would be accepted on right away. That was pure BS. Apparently you have to wait three months and now that I have done that they won’t accept me because I am ind default. Don’t try to “help” people if you don’t know what your talking about. How much is Cambridge paying you? Or did you just find them on the web…. What a joke!

    • JIm,

      Your comments are very disturbing. I will personally call them and ask for a complete accounting into what is going on. I’ll post what I find out for you so we can be open and transparent about the situation.

      My suggestion to switch if you are getting bad service from Allegro debt management is only in an attempt to be helpful. I receive no compensation from Cambridge for helping you out.


    • Jim,

      I just got off the phone with the folks at Cambridge. Based on your name from your email address, which I can see, they could not locate anyone in their records with your given name that has contacted them. Maybe you could give me some more information about who you spoke with.


    • Hello Jim. My name is Thomas Fox and I am the Community Outreach Director of Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. Steve contacted me about your situation. My initial research indicated you are neither a client, nor have you contacted our organization for assistance in the past. If your account is established under another name, or different spelling, please contact me so that I may be of assistance.

      At Cambridge, we take client satisfaction very seriously; therefore, I want to be able to help you with your situation as quick as possible. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at tfox(at) or call me direct at 413-241-2362. Thank you.
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  • Has anyone switched over to Cambridge Credit Counseling and can respond to how their experience went. What did you need to do to get switched over from Allegro, and are you satisfied with what you are getting from Cambridge? Before I make the switch, I’d like some examples of people’s experience.

    Thanks and Happy New Year

  • Steve,

    When the mess with Allegro started happening, I tried to switch debt management companies and was told by Chase that I could not switch and have them accept a new debt management plan, that I would have to do debt settlement with them or stay with Allegro. I would love to get away from Allegro, simply because for the first time in my life this past month, I go a phone call from a creditor wondering where my payment was. Of course, this creditor was Chase, whose customer service rivals Allegro for sheer awfulness, however I desperately want to switch companies. Any advice or should I just call Tinamarie?

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