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Where Can I Get a Consolidation Loan to Pay Off My Motorcycle? – Andrew


“Dear Steve,

I have a motorcycle i bought in 06 and i haven’t been able to pay on it for almost a year now. I am about to be sued for the balance i am in default on the loan and it has gone from the credit card company to a collection agencey.

Can i get a consolidation loan to pay it off or what can i do other than being sued. I want to pay them but they want 4,000 dollors up front. what advise can you give me


Dear Andrew,

If you can fast maybe is the answer to help you get a consolidation loan at a reasonable rate based on your situation. People just like me are lenders with and help people out ion a jam.

So you bought the motorcycle with a credit card and not a motorcycle loan? Is the debt secured against the motorcycle? Leave me your answer in the comments section below.

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