I’m a Single Mother With a Baby, a 17 Year Old Daughter and a Bad Debt. – Karen

“Dear Steve,

Single parent with baby & 17 year old daughter at home no child support. judgment is for 1900.00 to a truck repair shop that I fought & lost. constantly in court & persued by them serving me to come to court. I take off from work & go then they are not on docket so we reset the date over & over. Net pay is 250 per week. Judgment is in county where I do not work or live. Denied slow pay motion by judge must pay 20% interest plus on debt which would be more than I can afford. They have no lawyer. I have no lawyer.

How would they get a garnishment since they sued me in the wrong county and what percentgage of my net pay can they take. Also my net pay is schedule to go down when I take out insurance soon. It may get below 250 per week. I also pay child care which does not come out of my check.


Dear Karen,

I had the following questions that I’d like for you to answer before I can answer your question. #comment” rel=”bookmark” title=”Comments Link: “>offer advice in the comments section please feel free to participate.


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2 thoughts on “I’m a Single Mother With a Baby, a 17 Year Old Daughter and a Bad Debt. – Karen”

  1. Steve – Here’s my answers to questions you asked. I do not owe other debt. Utilities & ins is all I pay. I live in TN (sued in a county where I don’t work or live). Baby is mine I pay her day care so I can work for 9.00 hour. If he garnishes me he want get but 25% of my net. Net is $300 per week. I don’t want him to get my personal things like tvs and I have no car. I do have a home w/a big mortgage and he will put a lien on that as soon as he can.

    • Karen,

      It sounds like the most cost efficient solution is just going to be paying down the debt. You have few debts to go bankrupt for to stop the garnishment and bankruptcy is going to cost about as much as the debt so that’s a wash.

      The good news is that nobody wants your television or other personal stuff.

      You can find information about TN wage garnishment information here.

      He could always place a lien against your home if you owe one but once you pay off the debt the lien would be released.



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