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I’m a Full Time Student That Had to File Bankruptcy. – Jimmy

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“Dear Steve,

I am 26 years old and a full time student with a question. In 2008, I had no choice but to file bankruptcy due to the major hospital bills that i had occured due to my disability of the military,my car note, 2 credit cards, and other bills…I talked with a lawyer which advised me to file chapter 13, which she thought was best. I’ve been paying on my bankruptcy for a year and 2 months. Now my car is having some major problems with the transmission and the engine, along with the gas gadge and the speedometer. I have already gotten an estimate of how much the car repairs will be and i only work part-time, so I don’t have the money to get it fixed. Its sometimes hard to drive the car when the gas fumes are coming thru the air condictioning and the jerking on the car is putting a strain on the transmission. I am not makiing enough for a car note every month and my credit is so poor to even get another ride…What should I do because I do not have another vechile and I am trying to look for another job, along with the job that I do have plus the disability checks I receive each month…Can you help me with some advice on what to do?


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