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I Am a Divorced Mother of 4. My Wages Were Garnished. I Don’t Want to File Bankruptcy. – LeTonya

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“Dear Steve,

Divorced mother of 4. Husband left 9 yrs ago and I started receiving child support pymts in 2004. My current income is $1600 after taxes and $1250 in child support. My credit score is only 487. I have a Chase credit card and a Sears card in collections. I have past due medical bills, 2 repossessions and other bills as well. Everyone shakes their head when I apply for credit. A few days ago I got a vehicle that will be paid off in 2 years and when I applied there all the other creditors got ahold of my information and have started to contact me. Besides rent and my current bills, I have no way to pay anything extra towards these creditors. One of them already came after me before to garnish my wages. I moved out state before it was paid off. I would hate to file bankruptcy but I don’t think I have another choice.

Is there any way to consolidate my debt or anything that would help besides bankruptcy, or is that my only way out?


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