Bankruptcy Isn’t an Option. We are Getting Divorced and Creditors are Calling. – Jennifer

“Dear Steve, Divorce pending, upside down on house we’ve had for 16 years (don’t qualify for the HART program for re-fi), two credit cards are maxed ($27,000+) and now we’re both paying rent/mortgage since I moved out into a condo. It’s put a huge strain on the finances with additional monthly costs associated with the … Read more

I Got Divorced and My Credit Card Debt Snowballed. – Hope

“Dear Steve, I was divorced 2 years ago and was awarded a $5000 credit card balance and a zero balance in my checking/savings accounts. Since I didn’t have enough cash flow to pay off the credit card, I carried this balance (for the first time…I’d paid it off monthly till then). I tried to use … Read more

Divorced, Lived Off Savings and Now Using Cash Advances Off Credit Cards. – Jill

“Dear Steve, Divorced and lived off of savings. Started a business with savings and credit cards (cc). Looked for jobs and could not find one. Right after divorce, I obtained my masters. Living off of cc now. Have a rental house in another state with a tenant. Had great credit for 15 years. It has … Read more

My Ex-Wife Was Supposed to Pay Her 100K in Student Loans. I Can’t Find Her. – Patrick

Got married in college…wife and I consolidated student loans through the Devil (Sallie Mae). We got divorced…my name is the primary on the consolidation account. I am buried in excess of $100,000 in student loan debt that my ex-wife and I borrowed in college. When we got divorced she was required to pay her portion … Read more

I Got Divorced and My Debt Spiraled Out of Control. Should I Go With Fast Track Debt Relief? – Timothy

I got divorced and my finances spiraled out of control. I’m trying to put my life back together but it’s hard to catch up while paying my current bills along with child support and student loans. I have a lot of debt. Mostly the debt is credit cards and legal fee’s which are already in … Read more

I Am a Recently Divorced Woman That Has Been Taken By a Con Man. – Cheryl

“Dear Steve, I am a 53 yr. old female. Recently divorced. I have no job right now, but after hooking up with a “conman” , I have maxed out my credit cards. I owe just over 18,000 on two. The “conman” has promised to help, however, he has began to cut off communications with me. … Read more

I Need Debt Help. Can I Trust You Steve? – Dianne

“Dear Steve, I am now 60 years old, have worked most of my life, but was primarily self-employed. I was married for 30 years to an abusive man, both physically and mentally and after 5 years am still going through a divorce. I left my husband when my home and all possessions were washed away … Read more

I’m Divorced and Confused By a Demand That I Pay on an Old Mortgage. – Stephanie

Stephanie “Dear Steve, My husband and I divorced over 10 years ago, when I sold our house it wasn’t enough to pay off the second mortgage, and since they had messed up in the paperwork they signed off and the sale of the house and we assumed the loan. I never signed a new contract … Read more

I’m the Primary Wage Earner, Getting Divorced, and Upside Down in My Mortgage. – Anne

“Hi, I am currently going through a divorce, and have 3 small children. I have been the primary (sole) earner in the household. We have no debt except the car and mortgage and my credit score is 793. The problem is that we are upside down on the mortgage, and can’t sell the house. My … Read more