Can Social Security Garnish Me for Child Support Payments?

Can Social Security Garnish Me for Child Support Payments?

Question: Dear Steve, Can social security take out money from my check for child support arrears if it is my only income and would make it so I couldn’t pay my bills? It would be a hardship. Richard Answer: Dear Richard, According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), “we can withhold Social Security benefits to … Read more

My Son’s SSDI is Being Garnished Twice for Child Support


Question: Dear Steve, My son receives Social Security for Disability when Social Security was awarded, $600 was assigned to his daughters. A few months ago the office of Child Support in Florida, garnished her Social Security Benefits for $700 more. They said that if he does not provide evidence of the $600 previously assigned to … Read more

Can Texas Really Take My Social Security Check and Unemployment for Child Support?

Question: Dear Steve, The TX AG is taking half of my social security check and half of my disability unemployment check, leaving Me with not nearly enough to pay rent, utilities, insurance and other debts. Mike Answer: Dear Mike, Unfortunately, Texas is one of those states where the state has the authority to request the … Read more

My Child Support Was Cut in Half and I Need My Creditors to Work With Me So I can Afford My Payments

Question: Dear Steve, I have been a struggling single mom for over 10 years. I recently started to get child support and now my ex-husband has stopped paying half because my son turned 18 and went into the Navy. I have been using credit cards and got a personal loan to help support the kids … Read more

Get a Child Support Order, File Bankruptcy, and Give the Finger to Deadbeat Dad

Question: Dear Steve, My children’s Deadbeat Dad was $27,000 in debt with two college degrees, then got in trouble with the law, and continued to work part-time in construction while our family accumulated further debt. We’ve been separated (not legally) for nearly five years, and while I have supported our two children, he moved in … Read more

How Your Parents’ Help Could Hurt Your Chances of Buying a Home

Getting a mortgage will probably be the largest transaction of your life — no doubt, it will have an impact on your finances for the next 30 years. With that in mind, when it comes to how much you can borrow for that big transaction, any debts you have now will reduce that amount. And … Read more

How Do I Get a Child Support Collection Removed From My Credit Report

“Dear Steve, I have a child support collection on my trans Union report dating back to 2001 (date opened) and showing date closed as Nov 2007. As it’s more than 7 years old can’t that be deleted? Also, the state recently added the same collection to my Equifax with the same dates. Can’t that be … Read more

Divorced, Breast Cancer, Weak, and Child With Drug Problem. – Kathy

“Dear Steve, I am 60 years old, divorced for 7 years, with two kids. I have not gotten child support from my ex and he has not helped with the boys financially or physically. Though the government has finally caught up with him and I am now receiving 1,000 a month back support. I make … Read more

Recently Divorced and Struggling With Debt. What Should I Do? – Kelli

“Dear Steve, Recently divorced and left with about $40,000 in credit card debt due to helping my ex-husband start his now lucrative company. I’m not bitter! I am drowning here now, however. It’s about ten credit cards with APRs spanning from 14% all the way up to 29.9%. I can only barely afford the minimum … Read more

I Graduated from Trade School and Can’t Afford My Loans and Child Support. – Victor

“Dear Steve, Struggled throught the last few years after attending a trade school which flooded the job market with similarly trained people so finding a job and maintaining my household became nearly impossible so I could not repay my student loans and defaulted on a few utility bills. All of which are now in collections. … Read more

Single Parent, Stuck in Low Wage Jobs, Huge Student Loan Debt. – Heather

“Dear Steve, I am a single parent, sort of an empty nester, but not quite. I have always worked low wage jobs because I don’t know the right people. I thought my brains and work ethic would get me past that. Long story short, I finally graduated college at 40, but I am still working … Read more

My Husband And I Are Afraid of Bankruptcy But Have a Lot of Debt From Child Support and Custody Issues. – Jennifer

“Dear Steve, My husband and I have been married for almost 9 years. About eight years ago we took my ex husband to court for custody issues involving my children. This took about 6 and half years and thousands of dollars. We paid for the court cost and attorney fees by getting cash advances on … Read more

Slammed With Child Support, Medical Bills and Other Debt. – Pet

I am sure you have heard this all before, but life went a bit out of control after lung surgery being slammed down w/ medical bills etc., needless to say, I am in over my head w/ credit cards. Already have an second mortgage (equity) loan I can barely afford and to top all off … Read more