Should I Be Worried About First Consumer Debt Consolidation? – Misti

“Dear Steve,

Current customer with Allegro law firm. I am concerned about the information I’ve seen on this site regarding this firm and Keith Nelms. I currently pay 59.00 monthly fee to First consumer debt consolidation, I guess this is the third party they have given the info to. Should I be concerned with the posts about him losing his license. The rest of my monthly fees go to my creditors as evidenced by my monthly statements. My first payment was for fees and was 898.00. After that it’s been dispersed accordingly. With what has went on, am I entitled to a refund of those initial fees and should I continue to let them deduct the funds from my acct to pay my creditors. I was also thinking about adding another creditor to this acct for Allegro, should I do that or contact First consumer debt consolidation to do this since it is apparently outsourced to them anyway. Thanks.

Should I stop payments with Allegro? Am i entitled to a refund of my initial payment which went to “fees” for the program?


Dear Misti,

I had the following questions that I’d like for you to answer before I can answer your question. please upload it for me to look at here.

As soon as you can post the answers to my questions above I’ll be able to help.

If any reader wants to

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4 thoughts on “Should I Be Worried About First Consumer Debt Consolidation? – Misti”

  1. I had signed with allegro also for debt negotiations they take $1488.00 a month out of my account its been 6-8 months only settled with one I have no statements and they do not answer the phone creditors say they do not work with them Im worried about a lawsuit looking into chapter 13

  2. Allegro law handed the account over to First Consumer, they then sent out the acceptance letters, not Allegro law. I am also in the same situation as Misti and wonder If I should cancel with allegro law and if so how. I tried to call Allegro law to be sure one of my accounts were up to date but was on hold for over a half hour, before I had to hang up. I do have the welcome package and privacy policy that was sent out to me at the beginning Nov. 2008.

  3. I get statements quarterly from Allegro. It lists my creditors and below those it says agency name, first consumer debt consolidation and has what I assume is an acct number. As far as I know the fees went to Allegro, I know none went to any creditors, they told me that up front. I didn’t know about the first consumer thing until I came across the articles you had about Allegro and Keith Nelms and I looked at the last statement more closely. Will look for the original contract.


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