DebtZero Tells You How to Make Money in the Debt Settlement Business

I stumbled across the DebtZero website this morning, quite by accident. But once I took a look around I had to share it with you.

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DebtZero appears to sell access to or a business opportunity to let people make money selling debt settlement services and brags about how much money can be made.

Your income will be generated from enrollment fees that each client will pay during the course of the settlement process. These fees are standard to our industry and although there is some flexibility in determining a fair amount, many states have determined for us what they consider to be reasonable and therefore the software will limit you from charging above these set amounts.

You will determine the time frame in which you collect your full enrollment fee but this term must be agreeable with client and signed on the contract prior to completing their enrollment. The maximum amount of months to collect all fees is set at 12 months. We have found that if we allow a client to pay their enrollment fee over more time, it reduces our negotiating power with creditors.

All enrollment fees paid to affiliates are paid on a weekly basis as they are collected by Debt Zero™. Standard processing time of fees payable to you is roughly 15 days after client makes their first deposit into their savings plan account.

I think my favorite part of the website is the Commission Calculator which talks about the massive fallout rate in the debt settlement industry. “Many debt processing services have greater than a 30% fallout rate…not us! It’s highly suggested you consider fallout rates when comparing commission percentages. With our volume incentives and incredibly low fallout rate you’ll make more money with Debt Zero™ than any of our competitors!”


For a one-time fee of only $6,995, you can start your own debt settlement business with no experience.

Just think, soon you’ll be able to ruin peoples credit, help them to get sued and take loads of money off of them, all without fully resolving the underlying debt problem.

The sales opportunity page where you can buy your debt settlement business lists an interesting item, varying commissions between red states and green states. I wonder what the difference is between a red state and a green state and which states are which?

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What concerns me the most about this service is that it makes it painfully easy for people to get involved in the debt settlement industry as a profit motive, rather than focusing on helping consumers in trouble. If someone is excited about getting in to the debt settlement business because of commissions, retention rates, and sales conversion, what do you think the chances are that the person is actually looking to help the consumer with the best solution possible?

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