Will I Be Able to Travel to United Arab Emirate Without Fear of Arrest? – Graham

“Dear Steve,

I am planning a family vacation to Dubai in the near future, but have become worried about a credit card balance of about 600AED with HSBC that was left unpaid in 2001 when I returned home to the UK after a period of residency in Dubai.

Would this outstanding debt mean I have an outstanding warrant for my arrest in Dubai, and if I contacted HSBC and paid off the debt, would I then be able to travel to the emirate without fear of arrest ?

Thanks for your help,


Dear Graham,

I don’t have a clue if there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest waiting for you in the UAE. Your best solution would be for you to contact a lawyer in the Emirate and ask for legal advice regarding the matter.

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Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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