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“Dear Steve,

We tried to sell our house 2 years ago, agent agreed to pay for virtual tour, carpet cleaning and home inspection. The house didn’t sell and our real estate agent died months later from heart attack. Now home inspection company wants us to pay for the service done then.

I think they couldn’t find the agent to pay due to her death. We may be able to find the written agreement that stated our agent would pay for this. Home inspection company insists even if we find proof we should pay for it otherwise they will sent to collection company and will affect our credit. Do we have to pay for this? I don’t think our credit will be affected since they don’t have our credit card or social, but would they sue us and what would happen at court?


Dear Ella,

Wow, that’s a new one for me.

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I suppose the issue here is who contracted for the services. If the agent contracted for the service as part of her business services for you then you would not be responsible for the debt. If you contracted for the service on behalf of the agent and she agreed to pay for the service, you are responsible for the debt.

How much do they say you owe?

Their argument is going to be that you are the ones that received and benefited from the service but outside of maybe getting your carpets cleaned, if the agent is the one that ordered the services in order to assist her in her business, of selling your house, it does not seem you got a benefit out of it.

I think this is one of those issues that can be easily resolved by finding a local attorney and have them write a letter for you and represent you. I doubt that representation would be more than a few hundred dollars. So if the amount claimed is much higher, investing in a local attorney would be a smart investment.

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