TFSC Group, Student Assist Plus, Trans2Pay, Student Loan Processing Center – Consumer Complaint – January 28, 2015

Consumer Statement:

Was sent a letter in the mail that said “Federal Student Loan Consolidation Notice”. I called the number(888)380-6587 on January 11, 2015.

Next day (January 12, 2015) a Guy named Ron called me and asked me if I had time to talk about my student loans and that it would only take 10mins. I was busy so I asked for him to call me the next day.

Ron from TFSCGroup called me on Wednesday and mentioned that I would qualify for the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Plan. He asked for my my full name and address. Also asked for my social security number. I asked why he needed my social and he mentioned that it was necessary to prove that I was me and for my forbearance request form. He then asked for my pin for my student loans. (at that time I was not aware that he must have been accessing my studentloans.gov account)

He then mentioned that he wasn’t sure if I would qualify for the forgiveness plan because my total loans were under $30,000. He then put me on hold. After 20 seconds he then said that I qualified for IBR (Income Base Repayment)$171.18/month for 13 years and then after 13 years the rest of my loan would be forgiven.

I was so excited that I was going to lower my payments so I said lets do this. Ron mentioned that there was a “loan closing cost” of anywhere between $600-$1100 depending on my income.

I started asking him questions about his company and Ron mentioned that TFSCGroup was like the H&R Block of student loans. and the “loan closing cost” was to pay them to do all the paperwork. After all said and done, my loans would be with a 3rd party trust company called studentassitplus.com

He then asked me how much I made. I said about $1200 every two weeks. He then put me on hold. After 20 seconds, he got back on the line and said that he got me to pay the low price of $599 for the loan closing cost. Ron then gave me payment options: either by checking account or credit card. I chose checking account and one easy payment. He then asked me for my routing number and account number to charge the $599 to.

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He then sent me an electronic document via email which I was rushed to sign and send back. I was so caught up in the rush and excitement that I signed away. He then said that I needed to talk to their processing department manager (Don Kaiser) which with Don I agreed to certain statements that he verbally stated. (pretty much me saying that I agree with what Ron mentioned throughout the whole phone conversation. I said yes to everything.

Don then mentioned that there was one last thing and that he would email me a document for me to hand sign and that I need to send that and two paystubs back to them.

I sent the above documents to them on 1/19/2015 . They charged my checking account on 1/20/2015.

On Friday, 1/23/2015 I had a gut feeling that I was being scammed, so I decided to look up all their websites and company information that they gave me: TFSCGroup.com, studentassistplus.com, trans2pay.com

All of the above sites looked VERY fraudulent. I then looked up student loan scams and my experience matched 100% with a few examples that were mentioned on sites.

I called my student loan Nelnet company and told them that I was scammed. They stopped my forbearance request and are currently working with my account to bring it back to them.

I also called my bank and explained to them that the $599 payment was a fraud charge. They are currently investigating this transaction.

Consumer Action Taken:

I have tried to email them to cancel their services with my student loans and they haven’t responded.

Date This Problem Happened: January 14, 2015

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $599

Company Name: TFSC Group, Student Assist Plus, Trans2Pay

Company Address:

TFSC Group
23101 Lake Center Drive, Suite 230
Lake Forest, CA 92630

4500 S 129th East Ave, Ste # 175
Tulsa, OK 74134

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Student Assist Plus
8001 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 400
Irvine, CA 92618

Student Loan Processing Center
19800 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 300
Irvine, CA 92612

Company Telephone Number: 877-480-2455

Website of Company: tfscgroup.com, studentassistplus.com, trans2pay.com

Additional Provided Information

Additional documentation which showed the student loan documents were prepared by Student Loan Processing Center, studentloanprocessing.com.

Student Loan Processing Center

Another correspondence mentioned the “Department of Student Loan Center.”

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Scam reports are submitted by consumers like you. If you would like to file a scam report, please click here.

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24 thoughts on “TFSC Group, Student Assist Plus, Trans2Pay, Student Loan Processing Center – Consumer Complaint – January 28, 2015”

  1. Now, they’ve changed their name again to continue flying under the radar! I just got communication in the mail that they are Global Client Solutions!

  2. Blenn Butterson how did you get a refund? I fell for this & the TFSC group just debted out the last payment of $200. I have been paying the TFSC group $200 installments since Jan 13. I thought I paid them to consolidate my loans and bring them in good standing. This whole thing is so confusing!!

    • They scammed me too! I’m still waiting for the refund I requested to hit my account and getting angrier by the day! I’ve asked Nelnet not to process anything that was sent to them, since they took the liberty to fill out a form and sign it with my PIN without consulting with me first about the check boxes and decisions being made! The worst of it all is the lie they told me in the beginning about qualifying for debt forgiveness after 8 years of payments on the new income based plan! Nelnet set me straight! There is no such plan!

    • I’ve also had issues with this company and trying to get a refund for the $599 that I gave them after they lied to me about the term of the loan and told me that I would qualify for debt forgiveness

      • I had the same issue, and I was lied to as well. I am going to all sites and attempting to spread the word so these people get what they deserve someday. I will go on the news if I have to… these people are the scum of the earth

  3. I don’t understand the problem everyone has with these companies. I am currently employed by a company doing the same thing. I was looking into my competition when I came across this site. If they do the work for you, you pay the fee. You could file your taxes by yourself but most likely you pay an accountant because they know the best way to get you the biggest refund, we pay to have our oil changed when it literally takes a few minutes to do it our selves. There are a million things that we pay for that we can do our self, but we don’t, we pay someone else to do it for us.

    The programs that are being offered are real, some of them have forgiveness at the end if you qualify and stay compliant. If the department of education had your best interest in mind you would have been notified and enrolled in the right program that you qualify for when they became available.

    The truth is that these programs were passed for political gain, not to forgive debt. No one is advertising these programs to educate you about them except for the so called “scam” companies. The service providers don’t want you to know about the programs because they lose a ton of money. Don’t be fooled and think that they aren’t making money off you. They are raking in the dough.

    Think about it. These “scam” companies open an office (which costs money), build the infrastructure (which costs money), hire and train employees so that they understand the programs and benefits (which costs money), then spend thousands of dollars just to reach out to help people. Not to mention if they are doing it right the money goes into a third party trust account in the customers name until services have been rendered. I’m sorry but that seems pretty noble to me.

    I don’t know about you but I would pay someone $1000 if it was going to save me $10,000 and I never had to think about it again. Just my thoughts. What are yours?

    • John,

      I don’t think people object to paying a fee for professional service. You are right, we pay people to mow our lawns and clean out homes. But housecleaners and lawn services don’t tell us they have special arrangements or special programs.

      The overwhelming issue in general in the student loan assistance arena is if consumers are well informed they could access these programs themselves and then made an informed decision to hire you to do it.

      Above that, in general, there is an issue with the quality of advice given about how to deal with problematic student loan debt. I think you bring up some good points so I’d love to get your honest feedback on two questions.

      1. How often do you recommend bankruptcy as a tool to deal with student loan issues.

      2. What programs do you offer for private student loans?

      • Thank you for your questions,

        To start, I personally don’t council on bankruptcy because I am not an attorney and am not qualified to speak about that program. It’s my understanding that most federal student loans are exempt from bankruptcy except for possibly extenuating circumstances.

        As far as private student loans, I do not advise on those usually. At most I might suggest if their federal payment are lowered, to apply as much of the difference towards their private loans so that they will be able to pay those loans off faster. I believe that there are companies out there that can refinance them. Even possibly get them a lower interest rate, and possibly lower their payment if that’s what the consumer is looking for. That is just not what we do. If there are any options that I could inform my costumers about for private loans please tell me, I am all ears. I truly have their best interest in mind and want to help them the best that I can.

        At the same time, just like most of us, I have bills to pay and a family to support. I do let my customers know that these are federal programs and that we are third party document processing company. Can you do it on your own? Yes. Would I recommend it? No. Most people don’t know what they qualify for so they don’t know what programs to apply for. Not to mention that if they fill something out incorrectly, the application will be denied. For those who do qualify for some sort of forgiveness, if they don’t stay complaint with the programs throughout the whole term, they will not receive that benefit. I feel sad for the people that I can truly help that feel its too good to be true and refuse to sign up with us. For instance a teacher with a family of 4, student loans $125,000 in deferment, a salary of $40K/year is so scared of being “scammed” because of posts like the ones I commented on, told me she would just keep doing what she is doing. To me that is sad. She deserves to be put into the right programs and taken care of. However, people scream “scam” when they have to pay for something over the phone. I wish there was a better way to get people educated about the the programs. Like I stated in my last post people are not being informed about the programs that are available to them in an effective way, or they wouldn’t be contacting us in the first place. Just to reach one person can cost hundreds of dollars and that’s just the beginning.

        This post is becoming too long and I feel most people will stop reading if I don’t stop. So in conclusion, I feel the statement that we are scamming people is dead wrong. As with any industry there may be people out there with bad business practices, but to call all of us scams is insulting. We want to help people. In the big picture, people pay ten’s of thousands of dollars for an education that they could realistically get on their own from spending time at the library. Is the nominal fee that companies charge to help them navigate and process the programs available to them that big of a deal?

        Just like my last post, these are just my thoughts. I am not trying to be defensive, I just don’t appreciate people saying that what I do, trying to help people, is deceptive or a “scam”. I am not stealing peoples money. I am helping them save or I let them know that I cannot help them.

        I love educating myself so that I can provide the best service possible to my customers. I appreciate any feedback or comments.

        Steve, I would love to have the chance to speak to you either via phone or in person if that is possible. I just don’t want to put my personal info on a web page.

        Thank you!

        • I suppose the key is if your company, whoever they are, presents themselves as student loan advisors or most prominently as form fillers.

          The reason I asked about bankruptcy is because bankruptcy should be an initial consideration to clear the decks of other dischargeable loans to keep consumers on the regular payment to dispense with the loans as fast as possible.

          People and companies are under the misperception that an income based repayment solution is the preferred way to deal with problematic student loans. It clearly is not in many instances.

          In my personal investigations I have seen a number of companies that purport to be student loan experts who can guide people into the “best” programs but default to just being form fillers in the client agreement.

          Consumers do need student loan experts who can provide general advice, including when bankruptcy is the first consideration, when consolidation means financial suicide, and why not dealing with all the student loans, including private, can be a huge mistake.

  4. Wow. I’ve been talking with someone with this company. Same exact story. It’s very unfortunate to read this. I was actually about to go through with everything but something in the back of my mind had me eery.

  5. I had the same experience this past week. I didn’t mail the final document or any payments, but I am going through all the channels to make sure my identity is not stolen. I suggest you do the same if you haven’t already.

    • They probably won’t try to steal your identity, they are just trying to get some easy cash for filling out free applications (without telling you that they are free).

  6. This client was never charged by our firm. We will make sure the client is not enrolled in our services as it seems they are no longer interested. By reading the below comments, it seems the firm who has charged the client has refunded and settled the issue. Glad to see the matter resolved.

  7. Thank you for your help, Steve. We are attempting to address the consumer’s concerns. We need more information to identify the consumer and contact the consumer. Any of these will help (Phone, Last Name, Email).


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