Attorney Mitchell Stein Gets 204 Months in Federal Prison. Refunds to Begin.

It’s hard to believe it has been nearly four years I’ve been writing about Mitchell Stein, an attorney out of California who, at the time, was involved in the mass joinder approach of selling consumers hope they could sue their mortgage company.

Stein seemed to be at the forefront of the movement that was selling litigation to consumers all across the country through marketing groups. Needless the entire scheme unraveled when the California Attorney General raided and shutdown the organizations, including Stein’s law group.

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That was all covered in this, this, and this.

Up until now, the seized assets which would be used to attempt to refund some money to victims of the activities shutdown by the State of California, has been sitting and waiting for the resolution of another case by the Securities and Exchange Commission filed against Mitchell Stein.

Mitchell Stein was recently sentenced to 204 months in federal prison for activities pursued by the SEC. Now that his criminal case is resolved, victims of the mass joinder marketing scheme can finally have seized funds released.

The California Attorney General, the State Bar, and the Receiver have now jointly applied to the Court for approval of a Restitution Program. That motion is set for hearing on March 12, 2015. This plan, if approved, will be administered by the Receiver from funds remaining frozen in accounts of the Attorney Defendants.

If you were a victim in the California mass joinder operations shutdown by the State of California, time is running out to make a restitution claim.

According to the latest documents filed, these cases involved Law Practice of Phillip Kramer, Law Offices of Kramer and Kaslow, Law Practice of Christopher Van Son, Consolidated Litigation Group, Van Son Law Group, Law Practice of Mitchell Stein, Clarence Butt, Thomas Phanco, Lewis Marketing Corp, Paul Petersen, Mesa Law Group, James Pate, Ryan Marier, Pete Marier and Associates, Michael Tapia, Home Litigation Help, Document Compliance Divisions, Home Retention Division, Glen Reneau, Mitigation Professionals, Gary DiGirolamo, Attorneys Processing Center, Data Management, and Phillip Kramer. – Source

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