3 Ways to Keep Your Debit Card Safe at the ATM

When consumers use an ATM, the most they may worry about is forgetting to grab their debit card or the money out of the machine. However, with the increasing risk of fraud, you have more to fear as you may not notice ATM skimmers secretly working in the background.

ATM skimmers, or devices that read and record credit and debit card information, lead to credit and debit card fraud, which could raise your debt levels and wreak havoc on your credit history.

Recently, a man from Chicago was convicted of helping operate a $ 5 million ATM skimming crime ring in several states, according to the New Jersey U.S. Attorney’s Office. The scam victimized thousands of bank customers via skimmers on ATMs in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Florida and other states.

With scammers using more sophisticated methods to steal financial information and make fake bank cards, follow these tips to avoid ATM skimming,

1. Cover the PIN Pad

In the multi-state ATM skimming scheme, the scammers used both card readers and pinhole camera panels. As the card readers read the account information, the pinhole cameras recorded the customers’ PINs. To prevent the cameras from taking images of your PIN, cover the PIN pad with your hand as you enter your code.

2. Look for Bulky ATM Components

When scammers install ATM skimmers, they usually attach them onto the outside of the actual ATM scanner. Before inserting your card, take a moment to inspect the ATM’s components, as bulky parts or components that are not fully attached to the machine could be a sign there is an ATM skimmer present.

3. Use Tellers, Drive-Thru Services

Schemers often install an ATM card reader when there are not many people around, making it difficult to stop thieves. Even while you may not detect an ATM skimmer, scammers make these card readers thinner and lighter to avoid being caught. An effective way to bypass ATMs altogether is to only use tellers to withdraw money rather than inserting your card into the ATM slot. You could also use drive-thru teller services, which can also help prevent skimming.

With the high price of ATM skimming, set up text alerts with your bank to monitor your account for unauthorized purchases to stop fraud quickly. If you’re worried about other forms of identity theft, you may want to consider monitoring your credit. You can get your free annual credit reports at AnnualCreditReport.com and you can check two of your credit scores for free every month on Credit.com.

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