Kesher Law Group is Offered Up by Reader

In response to a previous article about the demise of Morgan Drexen a reader said I should take a look at Kesher Law Group.

Kesher Law Group

According to the State of California, Kesher Law Group, P.C. was formed on April 3, 2015 and is located at 675 Anton Boulevard, 2nd Floor, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 and the agent is Jeffrey Allen Katz.

Coincidently, 675 Anton Blvd is the same street address as Morgan Drexen. – Source

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 1.12.49 PM

The State Bar of California lists Jeffrey Allen Katz as associated with the same named firm but lists a different address.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 1.13.46 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 1.15.01 PM

What is ironic is the public information on this firm is brightly absent. Twitter and YouTube accounts exist but are empty. – Source

The only descriptive information I found about the firm said, “As a single, fully integrated, national partnership, we pride ourselves on our approachable, professional and team-based way of working… We aim to deliver the highest standards of legal services to our clients across our national practice… For our clients, innovation and cost effectiveness are paramount. We have a strong focus on developing innovative solutions which are designed to help our clients achieve their legal and business objectives in the most efficient way possible.” The information listed the website as kesherlawgroup.com. – Source

According to public information, kesherlawgroup.com was registered on March 4, 2015.

Maybe it is just me but it seems odd that a law firm that provides “legal services to our clients across our national practice” does not have an active website and blank profiles.

But then again, a nearly identical description is used by the Clifford Chance law firm and Noton Rose Fulbright firm pages.

And then there is this odd entry about the profile page of Kesher Law Group being linked to from MorganDrexen.com as of April 25, 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 1.40.08 PM

And the coincidence continues. Schebesch Design lists both Kesher law Group and Morgan Drexen as logo clients. – Source

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And I did notice the same company also designed logos for Liberty Debt Choice and Student Debt Choice who also both say they are located at 675 Anton Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Both sites also say they are attorney advertisement for Howard Law, P.C. Another logo for iAttorney Platform seems to list a number of similar participating members that Morgan Drexen also had. – Source

The listed firms are:

Howard Law, P.C.
Williamson Law Firm, LLC
The Law Office of James E. Bowman, PLLC
Levinsohn Consumer Attorney
Justin Fernandez Attorney at Law
The Law Offices of Tiffany T. Luther, JD
The Law Office Of Hugh Richard Williams
The Bradshaw Law Firm
Tallent Law Firm, LLC
The Law Office Of Deborah A. Randolph
Figueredo Law LLC
Randy J. Malone Attorney & Counselor at Law, PC
JD Haas Attorney at Law
The Law Office Of Milton Bouhoutsos, Esq.
The Law Office Of Joseph P. Saulski, PLLC
Tami Munsch Attorney At Law
The Law Office Of Shawn A. Bozarth
Seidenberg Law Office
The Law Office Of Keidra J. Phillips
Fisher Law Offices, PLLC
The Law Office Of Camron Hoorfar
The Law Office Of Drew Moore P.C.
Barnes Firm, LLP
The Cardinali Law Firm PLLC
Nancy Quackenbush Attorney at Law
Holston & Huntley LLC
The Law Office of Richard C. Labarthe, P.C.
The Law Office of Shane P. Coleman
The Law Office of Charles Vacca
The Law Office of Sequara Henry
The Law Office of David A. Stewart
The Law Offices of Janet Waguespack
The Law Office of Glenn C. Romano, PC
Bush Law Group P.C.
William W. Gwaltney, Attorneys at Law
The Law Office of Neil Waechter
The Law Office of Everett Walton
Howard S. Kleyman Attorney at Law
The Law Office of Eduardo Celaya
The Law Office of Robert Beckett
The Law Offices of Rochelle E. Guznack, PLLC
The Law Offices of Kimberly Pisinski
Williamson & Howard, LLP

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Another logo that was very interesting as well was the one for TheConstitutionalDefense.org. That is a website that appears to have been created in response of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau suit against Morgan Drexen. – Source

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 2.00.08 PM

So appears there may be some connection between some of these entities.

So a big hat tip to the tipster (send in your tips here). Apparently there might be something to this.

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