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Universal Lending Corporation – Consumer Complaint – July 6, 2015

Consumer Complaint Submission
Written by Steve Rhode

Consumer Statement:

July 2, 2015
TO: NOVAD, 2401 NW 23RD Street, Suite 1A1 Oklahoma City, OK 73107
From: [X]
Regarding: FHA Case # 052-3741597; Policy#COA5652
Copy to: American Strategic Insurance Corp, 1 ASI Way, St Petersburg, Fl. 33702

To All Concerned:

My name is [X]. I recently tried to borrow monies to build a new bathroom on to my existing property here at 3075 Adams that you both have a monetary share in my keeping the property secure and well-kept. (My 62-year-old son moved back home)

For the third time, I was confronted with a Lien on my property here at 3075 Adams other than what both I and you are aware of: Novad- $194,020.01; and ASI as my insurance agent. We are aware of this amount.

However, Universal Lending , 6775 E. Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80224, Paulette Wisch, Supervisor 303-759-7354 has a Lien on the property in the amount of $245K that appears sometimes as $15K or $245K. And it disappears just as quickly when it comes in question. Paulette is now questioning my mental ability since I am again pursuing a Release of the Lien.

Back in 2005 I did a terrible thing by trying to get a low interest rate per radio Ad that I fell for, this was my undoing. Refinancing a new car through American Financing Corporation was my down fall. They scammed me and I signed papers (unbeknownst) to me for and adjustable loan rather than a fixed loan as was our conversation. This led to all my monies being paid for interest and nothing on principle. The interest rate climbed to over 8% in just a few months. I panicked and could see foreclosure on my home of 57 years.

I went to HUD office here in Denver, North East Housing Agency , Helen Taylor is the director. She introduced me to Universal Lending, (see above). Universal Lending sold me a Reverse Mortgage that cost me $15,000.00 that I had to borrow from Public Service Credit Union at the closing. Of course, I asked why the cost and was told my debt was too high. In order to get out of the Adjusted Loan with AFC and all the penalties and fees I was taken to the cleaners.

I thought I had learned a lesson about signing papers. I was desperate and thought HUD a government facility was reliable again I was taken to the cleaners. Helen Taylor of North East Denver Housing (HUD) introduced me to Paulette Wisch of Universal Lending. This is a nightmare even to this day.

Paulette Wish has the ability to add and remove this lien at her convenience. She changes the amount at her discretion and lies about it and changes the amount and denies the Lien. Once she told me that this would all be settled when I sold the property. I never intended to sell my home. I intend to leave it for my heirs. They may sell it if they wish. I digress, Paulette runs my life – investment as if it were her own. Each time I apply for a loan the Lien shows up. UL claims there is no such lien. And I’m left with proving the facts. I’m not as smart as Universal Lending which leads me to believe that I am not her first victim. If it worked for her once, why not twice or more?

She is not an honest person. I wanted you all to know that if I were to die; Universal Lending has first choice of my life time investment and she contributed nothing for it except my forged signature on the pretense of saving my home from Foreclosure. I was not delinquent in my payments to the scam. I could not afford what the payments would become so I sought out the Reverse Mortgage and was scammed again.

Do either of you have any legal authority to secure a Release of an illegal Lien based on this case scenario and your investments?

Is there a lawyer associated with either of your companies that is honest and can get my deed cleared?

Consumer Action Taken:

I went to BBB. I’ve talked to the Universal Lending they are very confusing and they have so muddied the trail. They lie repeatedly and have now attacked my mental ability.

Date This Problem Happened: June 4, 2015

State You Live in: Colorado

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African-American

Age Range: 66+

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $15,000

Company Name: Universal Lending Corporation

Company Address:

6775 E. Evans Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80224

Company Telephone Number: 303-759-7354

Website of Company:

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