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Is United Credit Consultants Now

Written by Steve Rhode

A tipster (send in your tips here) contacted me and alleged that United Credit Consultants was now operating as Your Credit Team and So I went to check what I could find.

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I recently wrote that on October 1, 2015, McGlynn Marketing, doing business as United Credit Consultants and Debt Settlement Solutions, signed a consent order with the State of Minnesota.

On October 2, 2015, Your Credit Team of Minnesota, LLC was formed. The same day,, LLC was formed. The same day, Your Credit Team of Minnesota, LLC applied to use as an assumed name.

The address associated with the entities is 418 Gateway Boulevard, Burnsville, MN 55337. That’s the same address United Credit Consultants was at. Coincidence? resolves to the website. is reported to be owned by Joseph McGlynn, United Credit Consultants, 418 Gateway Blvd, Burnsville, MN. is reported to be registered to Joseph McGlynn at that same 418 Gateway Blvd address.

But then there is this interesting link. If you mouse over the social sharing icons (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter) on, and the award icons, they all link back to the United Credit Consultants pages for those sites.

So here is where it gets a bit murky in my opinion. The About Us page for paints a picture of an organization with a long award winning track record. – Source

The page says, “™ is an award winning, nationally recognized credit service organization (CSO) with our Headquarters located in Burnsville, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota.™ has grown to be one of the most widely recognized and successful credit restoration companies in the nation.” But if is not a successor organization for United Credit Consultants, how can a company founded 25 days ago make those claims? Heck, even the awards are under a different company name. And is not an assumed name of McGlynn Marketing.

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But then again there is this on the same page, “™ works toward this vision by hard work and trust in their core values; Truth, Integrity, Respect, Accountability, Dependability, Accuracy and Consumer Empowerment. United Credit Consultants® continues to enjoy a sound operating platform and a continued focus on a strong balance sheet that guarantees long-term stability. [emphasis added]”

I’m not sure I’d jump to give them props for some of those attributes they claim.

That last bit I bolded is the same thing United Credit Consultants says on this page.

I’m left scratching my head wondering what the purpose of this new name and new companies is. Why would United Credit Consultants bother to do all this. Why not just continue under the name and history they won all the awards under and have the experience as?

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  • This McGlynn guy knows how to manipulate the system. Clearly, we need him to make him the next President because he’s the only person who can fix it since he knows the loopholes best…

  • I just read where UCC is billing people under the name Capital Consulting on the BBB site with a client that had billing issues. I thought it was odd that there was yet another company name associated with UCC. I looked up Capital Consulting on the Minnesota Secretary of State website and sure enough there was a Capital Consulting that had filed on 5/14/2015 to do business in Minnesota and the address of the business was 418 Gateway Blvd, Burnsville, MN 55337 the same as UCC. Coincidentally, that date is right before they needed to renew their license on June first. Why file for another company name right before you thought you might lose your license and now use it for billing sometimes? This is so shady. I don’t understand how they are still doing business when they continue these business practices where is the Department of Commerce and the Attorney General? They are operating at least 4 different company names for the same service: United Credit Consultants, McGlynn Marketing, LLC,, and now Capital Consulting. How do they get away with taking money for credit services or advertising credit services without having 2 of these companies licensed? It is truely a shame what they do to consumers.

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