Starbucks App Users Still at Risk of Having Account Hacked

My friend Bob Sullivan is warning consumers today to keep a close eye on their Startbucks app if they are using it.

“…but I’d like to reiterate my warning to the 13 million or so Starbucks app users: It’s *still* not safe to link a credit or debit card to your Starbucks account; if I were you, I’d delete my payment information immediately from the app and manually reload the app.

As I described last year, criminals who manage to obtain Starbucks consumers’ login credentials have a relatively easy time transferring gift card / app balances onto cards they control; worse yet, they can initiate new transactions from a victims’ debit or credit card onto the consumers’ card, and then move the money onto their own cards. That lets them steal from consumers’ bank accounts without even knowing the victims’ bank account information.”

You can read the full story here.

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1 thought on “Starbucks App Users Still at Risk of Having Account Hacked”

  1. If I’m reading the article correctly, Starbucks accounts are not being hacked. People are being phished or otherwise tricked into giving their Starbucks account access, and the scammers are using that info to get in. I’ve used the Starbucks app for years with no issues. As a precaution I get an email every time my account is reloaded and I get am immediate notification from my credit card when a non-swiped use occurs with my card. If you safeguard your info I don’t see an issue here.


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