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Helping America – 321 Loans – Ram Servicing – Consumer Complaint – March 28, 2016

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

I was searching for a debt consolidation loan on the Internet. They contacted me and told me they would pay my debts off and I would sign a contract with their finance agency 321 to pay them back. I signed and they have me on the hook until Feb 2020. They have not paid of my debts and when I tried to cancel them they told me they would sue me.

Now they claim they ARE ONLY A DEBT RELIEF company and they only remove things from my credit. My credit has gone from just under 700 (Fair) to just above a 600 now (Poor) Every month it goes up and down and goes down lower then it ever goes back up. I was advised they have a wonderful law agency backing them.
321 has now changed their name to RAM SERVICING

Consumer Action Taken:

I have contacted them several times trying o break the contact all they do is threaten to take me to court. Their loan company 321 says they have paid the monies to Helping America, and now I have to pay them back. No monies have ever been paid to Helping America from 321 Loans to my knowledge. My creditors have not been paid off. I have been fighting them since June 2015.
To Date I have paid them $1,763.10

Date This Problem Happened: April 4, 2015

State You Live in: North Carolina

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 66+

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1763.10

Company Name: Helping America – 321 Loans – Ram Servicing

Company Address:

250 E. Palmetto Park Road, Suite 800
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Company Telephone Number: 888-983-6850

Website of Company:

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  • The information in the client complaint is incorrect. Since 2009, RAM is an independent, third-party payment processing company not affiliated in any way with 321 nor any other debt resolution service. RAM is not involved in providing resolution services, including those that 321 contracted to provide to the complainant. Rather, RAM processes monthly payments and provides on-line accounting information for the benefit of the individuals enrolled in a debt resolution program. We maintain an A rating with the BBB, and always assist our clients with resolving problems. It is likely in this instance, we were not contacted by the complainant. RAM can be contacted at or 949 859 1450 option 2.

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