FTC Sends More Than $16 Million in Refunds to Victims of Bogus Debt Relief Operation

The Federal Trade Commission is sending more than $16 million to individuals who lost money to a debt relief scam that targeted tens of thousands of consumers facing financial difficulty. The FTC and the Florida Office of the Attorney General alleged that a group of defendants known as Helping America Group got people to pay … Read more

321 Loans and Jeremy Marcus 4th Receiver Update

The debt relief group 321 Loans that was shuttered by the court has generated a 4th interim report by the Receiver. The update is below: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. The Court appointed Jonathan E. Perlman Temporary Receiver on May 9, 2017, and Permanent Receiver on May 17, 2017, over a nationwide enterprise that used 85 entities, … Read more

Jeremy Marcus, Criag Smith, and Yisbet Segrea to Give Up All Material Assets in Debt Relief Scam Effort

Three marketers who allegedly sold phony debt relief services, including fake loans, have agreed to be banned from selling debt relief, credit repair and financial products and services, to be banned from telemarketing, and to turn over assets worth approximately $35 million dollars, under settlements with the Federal Trade Commission and the State of Florida. … Read more

321 Loans / Helping America Group – Consumer Complaint – August 15, 2017

Consumer Statement: I have been a Client with 321 Loans/Helping America since September 2014. It was proclaimed that within a few months they(Helping America & their affiliates) could/would settle my depts if possible @ lesser amount with no adverse affect on my credit score. In the beginning of my loan a company rep would call … Read more

Helping America Group – 321 Loans – Consumer Complaint – August 3, 2017

Consumer Statement: The company Helping America Group were supposed to negotiate with my creditors to get my debt situation resolved. One of the accounts sued me which should have never happened. Hurting my credit as I would have paid the balance off instead of paying the Helping America Group. Consumer Action Taken: In the process … Read more

I Want My 321 Loans Money Back. Give It to Me Now.

One of the side effects of writing about debt relief industry is sometimes consumers get confused that I somehow have their money from a company I wrote about. It’s the formula of a bit of anger plus some inattention that results in me receiving messages like “had account with you for over 2 years, payments … Read more

Helping America Group Ruined My Credit and Has Been Outed as a Scam. I Want My Good Credit Back.

Question: Dear Steve, Given the new lawsuits filed against Jeremy Marcus and his companies what do you suggest I do to repair my tarnished credit due to their scam? I was a customer from May 2015 until January 2017 when I realized it was a scam. I paid off all original creditors or the debt … Read more

Consumers Get Super Duper Screwed in Debt Relief Legal Settlements by This Company

The recent court action against Jeremy Marcus, Craig Smith, and Yisbet Segrea contains a doozie of a statement by the court appointed Receiver. While reviewing documentation discovered when the authorities took possession of the premises, the Receiver found evidence former clients were getting royally screwed in legal settlements won by this conglomeration of companies on … Read more