A Tim McCallan Asks Me to Remove Articles

I have a very liberal policy of adding any statement to any article regarding anyone who thinks something I wrote is inaccurate. The Report an Error link can be found on nearly every page on the site.

But I just received a request that I was unable to add to any article since the request referred to a category and not an article.

The Error Report

What Do You Feel is Wrong With the Story in Question? *

Hello Admin,

I am Tim Mccallan, personal coach, business coach, national speaker and trainer. I am not in touch with those companies or any debt relief firms which you mentioned in this blog:https://getoutofdebt.org//tag/tim-mccallan and only working as a speaker. But I found in google SERP “Tim McCallan Archives – – Get Out of Debt Guy” and it affects my personal reputation. This article is too old (31 August 2014). Would you please remove this article or let me know the conditions or guidelines for me which are helpful to remove this.

Tim Mccallan

What’s the Suggested Fix? *

Would you please remove this article or let me know the conditions or guidelines for me which are helpful to remove this.

So Where Do We Go From Here?

So this is one of those perplexing situations. If this request came from the same Tim McCallan who was the subject of the articles, is the request to erase history? There is no statement that any fact in any article is inaccurate.

I deal with the subject of erasing history in the site terms and conditions. I don’t accept money for removing articles, I don’t remove articles, and I have a very liberal policy of adding any statement any subject of any article wishes to add so their voice can be heard.

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I did go to Google and do a search for Tim McCallan to try and see if there was a Tim McCallan that was not the subject of the articles, who was a business coach.

There is a Tim McCallan who is a business coach. His website is timmccallan.biz.

The same profile picture used on that site is also used on a video site for a Tim McCallan who posts videos showing television appearances regarding debt issues. The videos were uploaded and posted four months ago. – Source

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 12.34.40 PM

Even the website of Tim McCallan the business coach has a debt post on it.

So what do you think. Is Tim McCallan the Biz Coach the same Tim McCallan that was in the articles in the link submitted?

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If the articles in question were not inaccurate, then what would be his motive to remove them if not to rewrite history?

There are plenty of other stories out there about a Tim McCallan that will remain part of the internet.

How about:

Repentance is Available

For anyone reading this article, including Tim McCallan who may have been the subject of previous articles. I fully acknowledge someone can have a problem debt relief past and have learned a lesson from the experience.

For those who want to repair their reputation and move forward in a positive way, I completely invite anyone to submit a guest post on what they learned from debt relief and how they are moving forward from that experience. I will go above and beyond to praise people who have learned a lesson from a bad experience.

But repentance is not found in an effort to erase history.

Update September 19, 2016

I just received an email from someone who said a Tim McCallan had started a new website, BoostRankMedia.com.

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