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Brookstone Law Clients Get the Curb But No Conspiracy

Written by Steve Rhode

A number of consumers bought into the marketing sold by the sales team at Brookstone Law and Advantis Law. People were told they would get big checks and keep their homes free and clear.

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Now, after years of pour money into this flawed effort to get a free house and make the creditors pay; everything is going to collapse. And there could be no better proof of that than the alleged email that just went out to Brookstone Law and Advantis Law clients.

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Wright v. Bank of America, N.A.
Orange County Superior Court Case No. 30-2011-00449059-CU-MT-CXC

In a case brought by the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”), the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles has placed the law firms of Advantis Law and Brookstone Law under the control of a receiver. Details about the case, and access to the pleadings and orders, can be seen at the Receiver’s website, Click the Cases tab at the top of the website page and then the link for Federal Trade Commission v. Kutzner.

Through the Receiver, Brookstone and Advantis will be withdrawing as counsel in all cases and the Receiver will not litigate or hire attorneys to litigate on your behalf. If you wish to pursue your lawsuit, you must secure new attorneys or appear and represent yourself. We urge you to take immediate action to investigate your rights and determine how you want to proceed. If you do not obtain a new attorney or appear on your own behalf, the court will likely dismiss your lawsuit.

The Receiver has given notice of the receivership to the courts in the pending mass joinder cases. In that notice, we asked the courts to stay all proceedings for at least ninety (90) days to permit clients to obtain a replacement lawyer or to appear on their own behalf.

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Office of the Court-Appointed Receiver

The Receiver’s office has put together some FAQs that will help people but some folks are going to be pretty pissed when they read:

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How do I get my money back?
Whether or not there will be any refunds to consumers will be up to the FTC and will depend on the amount of assets that can be recovered from the Defendants. Unfortunately, it appears at this time that the Defendants have nearly no assets remaining.

What is the FTC case all about?
The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) sued Brookstone, Advantis, its lawyers and the non-lawyer who controlled and ran the firms (Damian Kutzner) in federal court in Los Angeles. The lawsuit alleges that their solicitation of consumers to join “mass joinder” cases against mortgage lenders included deceptive sales practices and the taking of illegal advance fees. In short, the FTC alleges that the firms were illegal businesses. The Court entered a Temporary Restraining Order (“TRO”) on June 1, 2016, which ordered Defendants to stop their illegal practices. That TRO also included an asset freeze and the appointment of a Temporary Receiver to take immediate control of the business. The Receiver took control of the offices and suspended all operations on June 2, 2016. The Temporary Receiver reviewed the business operations of Brookstone/Advantis and issued a preliminary report to the federal court. That preliminary report can be viewed from the right sidebar of the website. The Temporary Receiver’s review revealed the firms were using deceptive sales practices and taking illegal advance fees. All Defendants stipulated to the entry of Preliminary Injunctions which made the appointment of the Receiver permanent. The court has now entered the Preliminary Injunction orders, which will remain in until there is a final resolution of the case.

The Biggest Tragedy

The biggest tragedy is going to be all of the people who are going to waste anger and life energy thinking this was a government conspiracy to stop the cases against the lenders.

In reality this is a case of deceptive marketing and illegal marketing just sucking good people into a bad situation and depleting them of money.

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The law firms are closed because they were illegal businesses.

Here is the bottom line — consumers got screwed the day they bought into the illegal sales pitch. They didn’t get screwed by the court closing down an illegal operation.

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