Attorney Charles Marshall Loses Yet Again for Assisting Debt Relief Company

Brookstone Law, Advantis Law, and Advantis Law Group were all participants in an effort by non-attorneys to suck in licensed attorneys to participate in their debt relief scheme. As you can tell for the title of this post, it didn’t end well for anyone involved. Attorney Charles Marshall wanted to get out from his personal … Read more

Jeremy Foti, Charles Marshall, Brookstone Law, and Consumers All on Losing End of Stick

I must admit a large amount of frustration and acceptance that bad actors are just going to be part of the debt relief industry if good companies don’t cast a light on them. Brookstone Law Group apparently was created with a sales pitch of being there to help consumers in trouble during the mortgage crisis. … Read more

Mass Joinder Train Pulls Into Final Stop for Attorney R. Geoffrey Broderick

California attorney R. Geoffrey Broderick has been the subject of many posts over the years. You’ve got to give them guy credit for sticking with a task and not letting it go. Unfortunately the consumers who fell for the sales pitch are the ones most hurt here. The sales pitch was consumers were screwed over … Read more

Damian Kutzner of Brookstone Law Group – BANNED

Damian Kutzner, one of the operators of a mortgage relief scheme that bilked millions of dollars from financially distressed homeowners, has agreed to a court order banning him from the debt relief business. The stipulated order resolves the Federal Trade Commission’s complaint and the contempt charges against Kutzner. It also bans him from providing certain … Read more

Sure Looks Like Brookstone Law Clients Are Getting Nothing Back From Fraud

The court appointed receiver has just published a report in the Brookstone Law case. Brookstone Law was a mass joinder effort to sell mortgage relief to consumers. In the end, people lost loads of money and not much, if anything, was ever resolved. According to the report there is little left to even afford to … Read more

Brookstone Law Clients Get the Curb But No Conspiracy

A number of consumers bought into the marketing sold by the sales team at Brookstone Law and Advantis Law. People were told they would get big checks and keep their homes free and clear. You can catchup on the Brookstone Law mess by clicking here. Now, after years of pour money into this flawed effort … Read more

FTC Halts California Based Mortgage Relief Scam

The Federal Trade Commission has charged the operators of a mortgage relief scam with bilking millions of dollars from homeowners by falsely telling them they could join a so-called “mass joinder” lawsuit that would save them from foreclosure and provide additional financial awards. “Preying on homeowners who already are financially distressed and struggling to pay … Read more