What Should We Do About Nick Torgerson with Private Capital Law Group?


Dear Steve,

I have used Nick Torgerson with Private Capital Law Group to help me with keeping my home out of foreclosure and getting a modification, I looked his name up to get his address to send a package we were served by Bradford County Courts and that is when I found your alarming articled he has been sued for the very thing we are going through now we may lose our home because he may not be legit.

What do I do so I do not lose my home now that this guy with Private Capital Law Group has been involved, we have paid him 3 payments of 500.00 each only to still get letters from SLS and then served papers to start foreclosure, he appears to be doing nothing for us?



Dear Teresa,

Frankly I have no idea what service Private Capital Law Group has been selling you. I did a search on the GetOutOfDebt.org site and found these past articles that mentioned a Nicholas Torgerson.

Another “law firm” was just sued by the Federal Trade Commission for selling mortgage rescue assistance services. You might want to read the information about Brookstone Law.

Perhaps the best thing for you to do in your specific situation would be to get a second opinion from a real estate attorney who is licensed in your state. They can review the services you have purchased and give you a legal opinion on their experience with such efforts.

When it comes to groups like the Federal Trade Commission they publish information to help lawyers and consumer understand the issues surrounding paying for mortgage assistance. You might want to read Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule: A Compliance Guide for Lawyers to understand what the rules are.

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One thing is not clear from your question. As part of the service you purchased from Private Capital Law Group, are you being represented by an attorney who is licensed in your state? If so, who?

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The following warning from the Florida Bar might apply to your situation. I’m not certain. The Florida has issued these previous statements, “The Florida Bar’s Ethics Hotline has received numerous calls from lawyers who have been contacted by non-lawyers seeking to set up an arrangement in which the lawyers are involved in loan modifications, short sales, and other foreclosure-related rescue services on behalf of distressed homeowners. These non-lawyers include mortgage brokers, realtors, financial management advisors, foreclosure “consultants” and others who engage in foreclosure related rescue services or other similar services. Non-lawyers have proposed a variety of agreements, even offering to hire lawyers as “in-house counsel” to provide services to the non-lawyer’s customers. The Foreclosure Rescue Act, Section 501.1377, Florida Statutes, went into effect October 1, 2008 and imposed restrictions on non-lawyer loan modifiers to protect distressed homeowners. The legislature later enacted new registration and licensing standards for private businesses offering loan modification services to homeowners, effective January 1, 2010, in Chapter 494, Florida Statutes.” – Source

Then there was this article from the Florida Bar, “Attorney suspended for involvement with nonlawyers in loan modification business” and “Beware of contracting with nonlawyers on foreclosure-related rescue services.”

There was this 2014 article.

The one similarity that did strike me was Nick was also allegedly with a group named Private Capital Trust and was included in these article.

So you see why it is so important to get a second opinion from a lawyer who is licensed in your state. Let them review the services you are paying for and help address any fears you may have. You might want to ask the attorney how this case wound up, see “Florida sues another land trust.”

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