What Should We Do About Nick Torgerson with Private Capital Law Group?

Question: Dear Steve, I have used Nick Torgerson with Private Capital Law Group to help me with keeping my home out of foreclosure and getting a modification, I looked his name up to get his address to send a package we were served by Bradford County Courts and that is when I found your alarming …

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People Still Falling for Land Trust Mortgage Rescue Scam

The one thing you have to admit about a scam is once it works and extracts money from consumers, it’s got some legs and has morphed and continued on longer than I expected it to. As part of the continued slow descent into the black pit of “Why?” more information is coming out about how …

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New Documents Show Florida Land Trust, Whitestone Capital Trust, and Private Capital Trust Activities Continue

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in a number of documents which show companies in Florida are continuing to market land trusts. This is particularly interesting since Fidelity Land Trust was sued and given a Temporary Restraining Order in September, 2012 to cease all business. I’m going to post the documents I received …

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