Scary Time on the Site or is That a Hopeful Time? Time Will Tell.

Well I’m preparing to embark on what could be a really wise investment and a great project, a site redesign. These things either end really well or so badly that I never make the change and the money spent for the design winds up invested but wasted.

I’ve always had a frustration with talented web design artists. You see it’s that many don’t understand that a web site needs to meet the needs of the users first and then be nicely laid out. Function and then form.

The current design you see below began as a free WordPress theme and over time I hacked and chopped at it until it is what it is. And what it has become is inefficient.

The site loads too slow and that is my biggest frustration. It also is not a lasting and unique look. I guess on one hand I want to build my own custom and unique house on the web.

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There are things I do well in life but artful design is not one of them. For that I value the talent of a creative artist. Let’s just hope that through accident and happenstance I have found just such a design team to work with.

The last designer asked me for all sorts of input and what the site needed to achieve. I spent a long time writing about the needs and goals for the site. His design incorporated none of them. And when I brought that to his attention, he quit. LOL

In many ways a site redesign is doomed to fail. If the new design does not achieve at least what has already been created I don’t want to take a step, or steps, backwards. But what if, just if, the site could be even better, load faster, and be easier for people to use.

So in looking to my nature I am more hopeful than hopeless this process will be a worthwhile endeavor.

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But here is the bottom line for all my friends, readers, and visitors, if the artist does a great job, and if it all looks good, the site will change and change is always tough. We grow so accustom to where things are, where to click and what to look for things. No matter how successful the site redesign is there will be momentary pain as we all try to figure out where the housekeeper put our keys.

With fingers crossed, hope in store, and you in mind, let’s look forward to a new design that matches our collective personality and needs.

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1 thought on “Scary Time on the Site or is That a Hopeful Time? Time Will Tell.”

  1. I totally agree that most designers think about the pretty before the usability of the site. Make sure you watch out for designers that know nothing about SEO. They tend to make the sites look pretty, but forget about Google indexing the site.

    Beware of the wordpress code bloat as well. Just by looking at your source I noticed that you have multiple stylesheets and javascript includes. Keep the styles to a two page minimum and limit the javascript and you should be fine


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