How Can I Deal With My T-Mobile Credit Report Fraud?


Dear Steve,

Completed BK CH 7 and my credit scores were on the rise.Then I received a bill from T-mobile for service I NEVER had. Now my credit is tanked again just when I was starting to recover. T-Mobile fraud is investigating but I don’t know how to find if this T-mobile fraud is what is causing the huge rapid decline in my scores but I need professional advice.

I found your page reading up on what was going on with my former “Lawyers” Mitchell Stein and Philip Kramer. They took me for $6K. Anyway, I need a professional to assess what the problem is with my credit and what I need to do to make sure there is not bogus information out there and if so how to remove it. Since I have been scammed before by lawyers, I want to make sure I have a reputable person. Since you kept up on exposing Stein/Kramer perhaps you can suggest a reputable service or firm. Thank you.



Dear Jane,

I think this is actually something you can deal with yourself.

First, I would order a consolidated credit report which contains all three major credit bureaus. Take a look at this service as an example. I’d suggest getting the one-time report and not the subscription service. I like the consolidated credit report to make it easy for inexperienced people to compare entries side-by-side. Alternatively you can go to annualcreditreport.com but I think that free site can get complicated and confusing for many people.

Once you have your credit report in hand you can then do a little DIY Credit Repair. I would suggest you read this article by Michael Bovee, “How to Dispute: DIY Credit Repair.”


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