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How Can I Get Ahead When I’m Broke? – Robert

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I have always had a hard time ever since age 27 and now I am 41 on finding ways increasing my bank account cash flow. I want to buy a car before 2018 but only get $50.00 a month. I don’t qualify for a car loan because I am self employed and business is very bad.

How do I reach my goal in time?



Dear Robert,

Financial problems are at the core, math problems. I have no clue what kind of vehicle you can afford for $50 a month nor do I have a magic bullet that will solve your income problem from a very bad business situation.

But the first place I’d look at would be to check what public benefits you may be eligible for. Every dollar in benefits is one dollar you don’t have to allocate out of your pocket. I have no idea what your overall financial situation looks like but this can help soften the blow for housing, food, etc.

Visit and see what you might be eligible for. They have a very good benefit finder calculator that can help you discover all the things you may be eligible for.

What I do know for certain is that either your income has to change, your expenses have to lessen, or a combination of the both has to occur to change the current math in your favor.

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