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LegalZoom Says They Can Get My Student Loans Forgiven. – Lisa

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“Dear Steve, Your advice is much appreciated. 17 years ago my son enrolled and has since graduated for his 2 year associate degree in graphic arts and the school administrator assisted me to sign up on the student loan. I was making on time monthly payments using the coupon books I recall received from Bank One which was formerly Sallie ... Read More »

    I Left the United States Because of My Student Loan Debt. What Now? – Blair

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    “Dear Steve, I earned a Master’s degree and spent a year on the job market before taking a job with the City of New York. It required said Master’s but didn’t pay enough for me to maintain a decent standard of living (a shared flat without rodents, a diet that didn’t consist of 50% instant noodles) while repaying my $130,000 ... Read More »

      I’m a Special Education Teacher and Thought My Student Loans Would be Forgiven. – Debbie

      Student Loan Corkboard Concept

      “Dear Steve, I have student loans that I was told would be forgiven once I taught Special Education in a High Needs/qualifying district for 5 years. Well I’m now on my 5th year and they want to deny loan forgiveness because I had approximately $800 left on undergraduate loans. However the issues I have with this are as follows: 1. ... Read More »

        No GED or High School Diploma? Your Student Loans May Be Cancelled, Discharged, and Forgiven.


        Despite what many think, there are reasonable rules and allowances for forgiving federal student loans in cases of school failure, fraud, disability, or other issues. For private student loans, as of now you are still primarily screwed. One little known discharge rule is for those that were enrolled in colleges without having a GED or high school diploma. For those ... Read More »

          I Make Hardly Any Money. How Can I Get My Sallie Mae, Direct Loan and Pell Grants Forgiven. – Elle

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          “Dear Steve, 1. I’ve been homeless and rented “rooms” for the last 3 years. Moved somewhere between seven and nine times. 2. I’ve been mostly unemployed, have had a great difficulty finding jobs because I was a stay at home parent most my adult life, and when I did find work the pay was 8.50 and hour on the average. ... Read More »

            Can I Get My Student Loan Debt Forgiven Because I Lived in a Poor Section of Brazil? – Kelly

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            “Dear Steve, I am an American born citizen but my retired father raised me partly in a poor section of Brazil. 18 years to be exact. I am now 34 and have a student debt of 10500.00 dollars. I heard of a policy that forgives those who worked full time for ten years in a poor foreign country (like in ... Read More »

              Student Loan Public Service Loan Forgiveness – New Forms and Documentation Released

              The Department of Education has released new forms and documentation to assist government backed student loan holders with getting their loans discharged through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program. The new documents include updated information on eligible loans: Any non-defaulted loan made under the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program (Direct Loan Program) is eligible for loan forgiveness. ... Read More »

                Student Loan Forgiveness or Discharge Can Create a Huge Tax Bill. Watch Out!

                Screen Shot 2012-02-02 at 12.49.11 PM

                If you are one of the lucky few who have qualified for a discharge or cancellation of your student loan debt, you may be shocked to learn the debt may not be over with just yet. A reader brought to my attention that the forgiveness of student loan debt, even under a disability discharge, can result in the issuance of ... Read More »

                  I’m a Nurse Practitioner in Ohio and Looking for Student Loan Forgiveness. – Miranda

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                  “Dear Steve, Accumulated federal and private loans through nursing and graduate school. Haven’t entered repayment yet, didn’t know if there is a way to settle my debt for less or if there are repayment/loan forgiveness programs. I am currently a nurse practitioner in the state of Ohio. Through nursing school and graduate school loans, I have accumulated about $87,000 in ... Read More »

                    I Work in the Health Care Field. Can I Get My Student Loans Forgiven? – Anne

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                    “Dear Steve, I finished grad school almost 2 years ago and have about 100,000 in loans (both subsidized, unsubsidized and gradPLUS). I am on an income contigent repayment plan. I am in a health profession and there appears to be a loan forgiveness program where they forgive all of your loans after working full time in certain health professions after ... Read More »

                      Will My Granddaughter Be Eligible for Student Loan Forgiveness? – Anne Marie

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                      When my grandaughter begins college in the fall it will become necessary for her to apply for a student loan to help with the tuition. When she graduates, will she be eligible for tuition forgiveness? She is going into a nursing program at Ramapo College in New Jersey. Thanks for any info that would help her. Anne Marie I’m currently ... Read More »

                        I Was Told My Student Loans Would be Forgiven. Now I’m Hearing a Different Story. – Julie

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                        “Dear Steve, I went through a divorce about 9 years ago and really got taken in the mediation process, my ex is controlling and manipulative and it’s been easier to let him out of his financial commitments than to fight about it. Since becoming a single mom that has necessitated career changes which in turn necessitated a degree change and ... Read More »

                          I Co-Signed on a Loan for My Son to Attend Pilot School But It’s Closing. – Jake

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                          “Dear Steve, I co-signed on a $50.000 loan for my son to attend pilot school. The loan was taken out with Salle Mae. After one year the school filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. And it is looking like it will now go to chapter 7. My son had only used up 12000 of the loan. The balance of 37000 which the ... Read More »

                            Disabled Former Cop in Student Loan Story Gets Her Debt Forgiven

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                            by Sasha Chavkin, ProPublica The Department of Education has finally forgiven the student debt of disabled former police officer Tina Brooks–who we featured in our Feb. 13 story [1] about the government’s broken program for forgiving the federal student loans of borrowers who become seriously disabled. Brooks, who fractured her spine when she fell 15 feet down a steep rock ... Read More »

                              I Need Student Loan Forgiveness. – Jim

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                              I am a sixty one year old male, married and I have five children (three steps and 2 bilogical). Many years ago I took out student loans totally aproximately $12,000.00. My wife at that time and myself got into financial trouble and had to file bankruptcy. I was told by our attorney that my student loans would be dismissed by ... Read More »

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