My Mental Health Issues Are Keeping Me in Debt and I Can’t Find My Way Out. – Greg

“Dear Steve, Hi. A little background info: I have a 4 yr degree, a Masters degree and K-6 Teaching certification, all of which I have little to no work experience in. I have been diagnosed with a few mental illnesses that hinder my quality of work and has contributed me to leaving stable, good paying … Read more

My Drives License is Suspended Until I Pay My Fines. – Phillip

“Dear Steve, I have over 15,000 in hospital debt, over 9,000 in traffic fines and a student loan debt of more than 30,000 dollars. I keep making valuable efforts to repay with my income but with recent moves and job changes Im just losing my mind focus and energy. I regret my financial decisions and … Read more

Left a Good Paying Job to Follow My Dream. Now Laid Off and Facing Foreclosure.

“Dear Andy, Left good paying job, Manager Financial AD Hoc Reporting, Harvard Univ. 2006 followed dream worked as an Animal Control Officer and then lost job to “regionalization” of the position in 2/2009. In 6/2009 my daughter entered a partial hospitalization program for her mental issues. She was home-bound for 18 months and is now … Read more

I Have Mental Health Issues. How Can I Reduce My Debt? – Mel

Mel “Dear Steve, I have a charged-off bank account, a charged-off cell phone bill, a charged-off credit card, and have not paid anything on another credit card for almost 6 months. The bank account received several overdraft charges that were a result of a cab company charging me $70 instead of $10, but I didn’t … Read more

Survey Finds Debt Equals Depression For Many: Women at risk to suffer with financial depression

This is a previous study that I participated in but it is still relevant and important to understand the relationship between debt and depression. Nearly half of the people who have problems with debt are experiencing symptoms of depression, according to a survey by Myvesta, a nonprofit financial crisis center. The survey found that 49.3 … Read more

I’m Taking Oxycontin and Roxicodone. I Can’t Think Straight to Deal With My Debt I Ran Up in My Husband’s Name. – Cynthia

“Dear Steve, I am on disability and ran up 17000 in credit card debt in my husbands name and he can’t file bankruptcy or he will loose his job. I only get 11.00 an hour on disability and have applied for social security disability and keep getting turned down. the company I hired Binder & … Read more

Meltdown risks mental health disaster

Fears over job security, paying the bills or even just whether your house is going to be foreclosed are fuelling an epidemic of stress, anxiety and sleepless nights among workers on both sides of the Atlantic – and it is managers who are having to pick up the pieces. Increased stress, anxiety and tension inside … Read more