I’m Being Sued Over a 20 Year Old Debt I Might Not Have Included in My Bankruptcy

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Question: Dear Steve, I was contacted today by a law firm stating that they have a court case against me for a debt to Providian National Bank (Chase Bank) in the amount of $4695.24 from 08/31/2001. They state that the last known payment on this account was on 03/28/2002. I filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy … Read more

Are My Private Student Loans Are Past the Statute of Limitations?

Question: Dear Steve, I have an education loan I took out in 2003, which was initially about 85,000 and is now about 120,000. But unfortunately, I cannot afford the monthly payments, and it is a private loan. I have tried to maintain it out of default for years with Income-based plans, deferments, etc. I recently … Read more

My Sallie Mae Private Student Loans Hang Over Me Like a Dark Cloud

Question: Dear Steve, I originally borrowed a lot of private loan money from Sallie Mae (7 different loans). Unfortunately, they all defaulted once I decided to stop paying (because my minimum/interest-only/salary-based payments did nothing). I paid a company to help me get collection companies to validate the debts, which they couldn’t, so I was never … Read more

Why is National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Suing Me After Bankruptcy?

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Question: Dear Steve, I filled for Bankruptcy Chapter 13 five years ago, and it was discharged last year. I included my student loans, private and federal. National Collegiate Student Loan Trust refused was contacted to submit their claims but refused. Now that I am out of bankruptcy, they are trying to file a judgment against … Read more