I Need Your Vote on This Rescue One and Arete Financial Freedom Situation

Some may feel I’m just some hack with a laptop but I actually make a concerted effort to report on the debt relief industry factually and accurately. Additionally, I enjoy answering reader questions and share my experience in the debt relief world since 1990. Update 12-23-2019 I received permission from Branden Millstone to add this … Read more

Recent Debt Relief Case Turns Into a Rabbit Hole for Conspiracy Theorists

While some people can find the biggest conspiracy in the smallest discrepancy, I don’t embrace that approach. Instead, I try to look for verifiable facts that can be supported with outside documents. The recent case against American Financial Support Services, Arete Financial Group, Arete Financial Freedom, CBC Conglomerate, 1file.org, Diamond Choice, Interest Rate Solutions, J&L … Read more

Rescue One Financial – Simple Path Financial – Consumer Complaint – September 26, 2019

Consumer Statement: Rescue One Financial does it again! I see they have scammed others and they did it to me too! They are liars and cheats and I have proof of their fraudulent behavior. Consumer Action Taken: They have done nothing. All they care about it taking your money. They do not care about all … Read more

WSJ Article Slays Debt Settlement Companies Using Personal Loan Offers to Bait and Switch

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article “That Offer to Make You Debt-Free? It Can Make You Worse Off.” I’ve long been critical that some personal loan offers being mailed to consumers are potentially a bait-and-switch tool to tell people they don’t qualify for a loan and instead are switched to an expensive debt … Read more

Is Simple Path Financial a Legit Company or a Scam?

Question: Dear Steve, I’m in a total of $33,000 in debt with credit cards and one loan. I spoke with a person at Simple Path financial. I asked if I could have the contract emailed to review it but the person said that it would be reviewed over the phone with me. I would sign … Read more