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Spider Hating Debt Collector Won’t Accept Art for Payment


This is the type of exchange we need to see more often between debt collectors and consumers. From: Jane Gilles Date: Wednesday 8 Oct 2008 12.19pm To: David Thorne Subject: Overdue account Dear David, Our records indicate that your account is overdue by the amount of $233.95. If you have already made this payment please contact us within the next ... Read More »

    AutoTune the Bankers: The Gregory Brothers Strike Again

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    I was wondering when I’d get a chance to feature The Gregory Brothers on the site. It is a wonderful day. Here is one of their latest songs entitled: Bankers’ Song – We Didn’t See It Comin Read More »

      Det Ettlement – Taking the B.S. Out of Debt Settlement (Funny Video)

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      Here is a video that Amanda Miller from the site put together for her first video assignment. She wanted to share what debt settlement sales people should tell you in a funny and honest way. Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below and if we should do more. Comment, comment, comment below, please. Get ... Read More »

        Something Not to Do When Feeling Bummed About Your Debt

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        All I can say is DON’T DO THIS no matter how bad you feel about your debt situation. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Read More »

          Heidi Montag Warns Consumers About Using Credit Cards for Plastic Surgery. Funny!

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          Here are a couple of videos to make you smile today, even though Heidi can’t. Bonus Funny Video Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Read More »

            Dutch Debt Song – Warning: Funny but Contains Adult Language

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            I was killing some time and wondered if I could find a song about the repo man. I sure did. but it contained some adult language in it. I could not remember if motherfucker was one word or two so I Googled it. It’s apparently one word, well at least according to Wikipedia, which I read. Anyway, this video came ... Read More »

              Credit Card Reform News as Only Stephen Colbert Can Give It

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              The Colbert Report Credit Check Gay Marriage Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Read More »

                Lazy Nation Worried They May Be Put to Work.

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                It’s time for a smile. Enjoy. Steve Read More »

                  Mountain of Debt – Just Because You Need to Laugh

                  Mountain of Debt

                  Read More »

                    Credit Cards From Beyond the Grave – Just Because You Need to Laugh

                    Credit Cards From Beyond The Grave

                    Read More »

                      The New Piggy Bank

                      So I was thinking the other day about how bad the economy is and it made me wonder what would a piggy bank today look like? Below is the T-shirt we came up from that random thought. It does makes me chuckle and I love to wear it now. I hope you enjoy wearing yours as much as I do ... Read More »

                        Tough Credit Terms – Just Because You Need to Laugh

                        Tough Credit Terms

                        Read More »

                          I See Debt People

                          I See Debt People T-Shirt

                          I came up with this T-shirt idea and thought you might enjoy it as well. It made me chuckle so I’m hoping it puts a bit of a smile on your face as well. You can get one for yourself from Rumplefart. Steve Read More »

                            Credit Card Approval – Just Because You Need to Laugh

                            Automatically Enrolled in Credit Protection

                            I recently ran back into an old acquaintance, Ted Goff, who is a brilliant cartoonist. Ted has some really great work dedicated to the credit and debt fields and I wanted to share them with you. Ted gave me permission to share them and I hope they either put a smile on your face or make you ponder. Read More »

                              The Ultimate Contractor Fantasy – Finding Hidden Money

                              Depression Era Businessman

                              A home improvement contractor cracked through the wall while doing a bathroom remodeling job to find $182,000 hidden there in during the great depression by a wealthy businessman of the day. But the story does not have such a happy ending. It turns out that the current homeowner, Amanda Reece, was having a bit of financial trouble and wanted to ... Read More »

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