Financial Rescue – Consumer Complaint – July 27, 2015

Consumer Complaint Submission

Consumer Statement: I was enrolled into Success Link Processing via Financial Rescue LLC on December 2013. I was told by my friend about the owner Rod Mercado from The Filipino Channel talking about his services so she called and enrolled with them. I was already enrolled at CCCS, when she told me to get out …

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Financial Rescue, Success Link, Jack Walsh Firm, Bella Financial – Consumer Complaint –

Consumer Statement: I’ve been doing some investigating of my own and here some of the things I’ve found out. First of all the member Marilyn Labre, you mentioned in your last blog about them, is actually the US citizen person that Rod Mercado married to gain passage into the US. He has been trying to …

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Financial Rescue, LLC and Success Link Processing, LLC – Consumer Complaint – March 9, 2015

Consumer Statement: In August of last year, I enrolled in this company from Financial Rescue LLC in Milpitas, CA. They are a local run company, I saw on TV. They entered me and my mother in a company named Success Link Processing LLC which we knew nothing about. Financial Rescue took all our information over …

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