It Doesn’t Look Like Google Did Much to Block Debt Relief Companies From Advertising

Question: Dear Steve, I noticed that very little has changed with the new google rules regarding advertising debt relief services. National Debt Relief, Freedom Debt Relief, and a slew of lead generation companies are advertising just as if the rules never changed other than some of them referring to also offering debt consolidation loans. Are … Read more

New Google Adsense Debt Relief Advertising Policy Actually Screws Most Companies

Recently I’ve written about the new Google Adsense changes to prevent companies from running debt relief advertisements on the Google network. See this and this. While the new policies seem tailor-made to benefit nonprofit consumer credit counseling agencies, there is one very important fact I missed that highlights how the new Google policy actually screws … Read more

Credit Counseling Should End the Party on Google Adsense New Policy

Recent news about Google changing its policy to attempt to block debt relief companies other than non-profit credit counseling has created a false party. While some in the credit counseling world look at this new move as a way to reduce advertising competition and harm alternative forms of debt relief, that would be incorrect. I’ve … Read more

Google Moves to Kill Debt Settlement, Credit Repair and Other Debt Relief Services

I received an email from a tipster (send in your tips here) who asked about what recent Google advertising changes will mean for the debt relief industry. Concerns about Google advertising changes were written about by the esteemed Jonathan Pompan at Venable. The alarming Google post reads: “In November 2019, Google will update the Financial … Read more