What I Learned From Selling Debt Relief Services. What I Got Wrong and Right On the Front Lines.

I had this idea for an article to look back to my early days in the debt relief world, back when I was running Myvesta, a non-profit credit counseling group, and show you examples of what I did wrong and learned from the experience. The irony is people don’t realize when I review a site … Read more

It Doesn’t Look Like Google Did Much to Block Debt Relief Companies From Advertising

Question: Dear Steve, I noticed that very little has changed with the new google rules regarding advertising debt relief services. National Debt Relief, Freedom Debt Relief, and a slew of lead generation companies are advertising just as if the rules never changed other than some of them referring to also offering debt consolidation loans. Are … Read more

Florida Attorney General and FTC Slam the Door on Ring That Pitched U.S. Consumers Worthless Credit Card Rate Reduction Programs

At the request of the Federal Trade Commission and the Florida Office of the Attorney General, a federal district court judge has entered eight orders against an intertwined web of Orlando-based individuals and companies that bombarded consumers with illegal robocalls from “Card Member Services,” pitching worthless credit card interest rate reduction programs. In addition to … Read more

Amazing How Hypocritical You Are Steve Rhode

Someone just posted the following comment, on a post about Lloyd Ward, which actually creates a perfect segue for me to finally write an article I’ve had percolating for some time. While some of the claims made by the commenter are skewed, it is true that back in the early 2000s the non-profit group that … Read more

Debt Relief Marketers Advised to Avoid Any of These Items

A tipster (send in your tips here) forwarded me the marketing agreement of a debt relief company that its affiliates must sign. It is a big document and I’m working my way through it but I did want to point out what the agreement says the marketer cannot say. What do you think, will a … Read more